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Mar 30, 2005 10:03 AM


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Looking for recommendation for good Italian in Arlington MA area. Should have a reasonably quiet and realxing atmosphere.

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  1. Ristorante Marino - On Mass Ave in N. Cambridge but about as close as you can get to Arlington. Amazing food but a little bit pricy. If you go, try the butternut squash ravioli.... Amazing!


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      For what it's worth (since I have never been there myself) this place has been around forever and I have NEVER heard anything good about it until this post.

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        Skip Marino's. Mediocre and over priced. Will never go back.

      2. Hsven't been there in about a year since I moved out of Arlington but there's a great little family owned place right in Arlington Center. Can't remember the name but it's on the left hand side of the street if you're driving from Cambridge to Arlington on Mass Ave. The food is super, service is great, and they have wine and beer as well.. They stayed open late one night to feed my parents and I after a long day of moving into a new apartment.. I highly recommend!

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          I think you're referring to

          La Buona Vita
          450 Mass Ave
          Arlington , MA 02474
          Phone: (781) 641-4734

          I've only been once (and enjoyed it) but my father and stepmother consider it "their" restaurant :-) that's how much they like it.


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            That's the one! It's fabulous! I need to head there soon myself!

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              LBV is OK in my opinion. I had 2 pretty good meals, one ok meal and one bad meal. If you go I have to say skip any shrimp entree as mine was quite overcooked and rubbery. That said I do wish I liked this place more as they are really nice there.

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            Highly recomment Restirante (sp) Oliverio on Mass Ave - Accross from the Capital Theater.

          3. La Buona Vita is definitely the best Italian in Arlington

            1. We tried Buona Vita once and were pretty unimpressed. Whenever I want fabulous Italian, we make the trek to Vinny's in Somerville. Scutra has "italian-ish" stuff, but I don't know what's on their menu now. They are pricier than LBV though.

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                Scutra's a lovely place, but I think they're more French/Belgian than Italian.

              2. Does anyone know anything about that place by the Capitol Theater called Ristorante Olivio? For the three years I've been living in Arlington I pass by it everyday and have never stepped foot in it or have even heard or read anything about it. But it's always packed.

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