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Mar 23, 2005 12:37 PM

Where to buy Vernor's?

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Is there anywhere around here I can buy Vernor's Ginger Ale? I like a strong ginger ale and I've only heard of this stuff... it sounds worth trying.

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  1. Can give another idea... Blenheim Ginger Ale, which is available locally, is a good strong gingerale, and comes in various stages of 'spicy'. I know I have seen Vernors locally (can't remember where), so it is available. It may have been Martignettis?

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      A few years back I bought some at Hi-Rise in Cambridge.

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        I think Martignettis, and maybe even Cardullos carries Verners. I'd also give a call to Winecellar of Silene since they have a good selection of 'interesting' sodas as well, and they do have Blenheims, which is worthwhile.

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          Yeah, got it at Hi-Rise maybe a year ago.

    2. I used to live in Michigan where it is oh so readily available, I miss it. It is definitely worth trying if you like ginger ale. Not local, but you can order it from

      1. Don't bother - it tastes like a mix between bubble gum and ginger ale. It's not a strong ginger ale. Yuck.

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          I don't know what you are tasting -- but as a kid in Ohio -=- I remember drinking Vernors and having to catch your breath after a swig becuase the ginger was so strong that it nearly came back up through your nose, hardly sweet bubble gum. What it is like now - or in cans - can't vouch for that. But in a bottle - the old days -- strong and spicy is all I can say --- verging on peppery.

        2. I know it's not around here, but you can order vernor's online at a site called beverages direct. (

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            Heathen & Spells

            Once tried Vernors that was brought back from midwest and was very unimpressed... sweet, not spicy/gingery at all. If you like a strong gingerale try Blenheim's.. you can order it.. their "hot" gingerale is the spiciest/hottest gingerale I've ever tried!