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Where to buy Vernor's?

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Is there anywhere around here I can buy Vernor's Ginger Ale? I like a strong ginger ale and I've only heard of this stuff... it sounds worth trying.

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  1. Can give another idea... Blenheim Ginger Ale, which is available locally, is a good strong gingerale, and comes in various stages of 'spicy'. I know I have seen Vernors locally (can't remember where), so it is available. It may have been Martignettis?

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      A few years back I bought some at Hi-Rise in Cambridge.

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        I think Martignettis, and maybe even Cardullos carries Verners. I'd also give a call to Winecellar of Silene since they have a good selection of 'interesting' sodas as well, and they do have Blenheims, which is worthwhile.

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          Yeah, got it at Hi-Rise maybe a year ago.

    2. I used to live in Michigan where it is oh so readily available, I miss it. It is definitely worth trying if you like ginger ale. Not local, but you can order it from vernors.com

      1. Don't bother - it tastes like a mix between bubble gum and ginger ale. It's not a strong ginger ale. Yuck.

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          I don't know what you are tasting -- but as a kid in Ohio -=- I remember drinking Vernors and having to catch your breath after a swig becuase the ginger was so strong that it nearly came back up through your nose, hardly sweet bubble gum. What it is like now - or in cans - can't vouch for that. But in a bottle - the old days -- strong and spicy is all I can say --- verging on peppery.

        2. I know it's not around here, but you can order vernor's online at a site called beverages direct. (beveragesdirect.com)

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            Heathen & Spells

            Once tried Vernors that was brought back from midwest and was very unimpressed... sweet, not spicy/gingery at all. If you like a strong gingerale try Blenheim's.. you can order it.. their "hot" gingerale is the spiciest/hottest gingerale I've ever tried!

            1. As a former Michigander, I love the stuff. However I've found that those who didn't grow up with it do not care for it at all. My mom sends it to me from time to time and I love to share it but so far no one has been at all enthusiastic about it.

              I hope you find it and I'd love to hear what you think.

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                Also from Michigan so I know Vernor's well. I was surprised to stumble into it at Hi Rise bakery in Harvard Square last year.

              2. Nowhere locally. We get ours sent to us from relatives, who live in the St. Louis area. Whenever we visit that area, we are sure to stock up and take it back with us.

                I must say however, that Vernors has suffered considerably since they stopped making it in glass bottles. The taste of the canned version, does not ring true, with that bright crisp ginger flavor, which Vernors has become famous for. Nevertheless, we always like to have a "six" on hand for people who have never tried it.

                1. A couple of people have mentioned Blenheim's as a particularly spicy ginger ale...I'd love to try it - does anyone know where to get some around the Boston/Cambridge area?

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                    See my post below... Winceller of silene carries both 'flavors'.

                  2. MW has it right. Vernor's is available at Hi Rise bakery (at both locations: Harvard Sq. and Huron Ave.)

                    1. Here's a link, and some interesting history about this wonderful drink.