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Mar 7, 2005 07:19 PM

Easter on the S Shore

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Any suggestions for Easter dinner on S Shore. We used to go to the Dedham Hilton for brunch, but it wasn't as good last time we tried it.
Either brunch or a sit down meal would be great, we'll have a party of @16. Not sure if Cafe in Hingham Square could accomaodate us.
Haven't been to Tosca's, does anyone know if they handle large parties?

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  1. isabella in dedham is open for easter dinner and can handle larger parties

    1. I would suggest Atlantica in Scituate harbor. Also, my family did rent out a back room in Toscas once for a small dinner party for about 20 people, it was very nice but I don't know the price tag. Here is a link for atlantica:

      1. Tosca's could handle you and you should not have to book the private back room unless you really want the privacy. The food is wonderful and the service excellent. Tosca's strength is not necessarily holiday menus when you only have a choice of a few items but then again even the best restaurants seem to lose a few notches at holiday meals (V-day, New years, Thanksgiving, Xmas etc).

        Square Cafe is small but depending on the time of day they might take you. They have a large banquet area against one wall and a large center area that could hold 16.

        Another option is Black Fin in Hingham (Queen Anne’s Corner). I prefer the bar when I go there but they can definitely handle big parties. Mixed reviews of the food.

        I would avoid Atlantica. I have tried them a few times and been disappointed every time. The general consensus is that after a big fanfare opening they just don’t get the regular traffic on a daily basis to support the space. I went there under duress a few Thursdays ago. Food was mediocre at best (crab cakes that were obviously pre-made/frozen and mostly filler, Ok calamari albeit a little greasy, flabby shrimp cocktail). At 7:30, when we arrived, there were only 3 dining room tables taken and 2 had toddlers. We sat at the bar and while the bar itself was full the surrounding table in the bar area were empty. When we left at 9:15 they had only 1 more table in the dining area. In their defense I have heard the do great weddings, anniversaries, etc so maybe Easter brunch would be OK.