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Mar 7, 2005 03:18 PM

Need Ideas for BYOB Restaurants

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Last weekend, a large group of friends went to Il Fiorentino in Woburn. The food was great and the atmosphere was a bit nuts. We chose it because it was BYOB, though. We were all able to bring some wines we had been wanting to try.

Is there anywhere that you know of that's T accessable that's also BYOB? We're willing to pay corkage fees.

Any info would be very appreciated.

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    "Al Fresco"

    Tsunami in Coolidge Corner offers excellent sushi and BYOB.

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      FWIW last time I walked by there Tsunami had a big orange sticker in the window saying "Seized by MASS DOR"

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        Thank you so much for the responses. .


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        FWIW last time I walked by there Tsunami had a big orange sticker in the window saying "Seized by MASS DOR"

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        I've posted the same request in the past without much luck. There aren't really any official options because BYOB isn't legal in Boston (my understanding - feel free to correct me). My recommendation is that you call around to your favorite restaurants or become a regular somewhere... then talk to the chef directly.

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          BYOB rules seem differ by town in this state.

          Some "dry" towns seem to allow beer/wine sales in restaurants (no package stores allowed - Needham?) while other "dry" towns do not allow the sale of any alcohol (restaurants or package stores, Arlington?). In the true dry towns, it seems that most restaurants allow BYOB and more importantly, the city allows BYOB.

          If the town is not dry (Boston), I believe only establishments that are awaiting approval of their license may officially allow BYOB. Otherwise if a liquor license is in place (or was denied), alcohol is not supposed to be brought onto the premises by restaurant guests.

          Some places without liquor licenses (ie in Somerville) will allow discrete consumption of alcholic beverages but it is quite possible that the patrons are violating the law. This can get the restaurant in some serious trouble most likely (hence the reason few people rat out their favorite BYOB places on chowhound for fear of repercussions by local authorities).

          Some of these thoughts above may well be incorrect. Please feel free to point out any fallacies.

          Good luck in your search.

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            Actually, Arlington is considered a dry town, but meaning only that there are no bars or liquor stores. Restaurants can have alcohol served in the dining room, as well as have bars attached - but you must order food if you wish to order alcohol.

            I think most Mass dry towns are like this, with the exception of Rockport. Correct me if I'm wrong.

            1. re: weathermasta

              Massachusett's dry town are more commonly becoming like Arlington, no bars or liquor stores, but restaurants can serve. 4 of the 6 towns on Martha's Vineyard (I know, more New England that Greater Boston) are completely dry and allow BYOB with corkage fees.

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                Rockport is no longer dry dry. Restaurants can serve now. But correct me if i'm wrong.

            2. re: nomadfromcincy

              Bellino's in Wakefield is very good Italian. It is BYOB with a cork-fee.

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                Diparma's in Winthrop is great, bYob, casual atmosphere, rustic italian food run by brazilians!

              2. Il Ducalli in No. Woburn is BYOB. No corkage fee.

                Red sauce Italian. It's located where Il Fiorentino used to be before they moved to Woburn center. It's across from the Main St Diner. Not really T accessible though, unless there's a bus that goes out that far.

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                  Zagat has a rundown on BYO laws: BYO is not permitted in the City of Boston; in the burbs it is generally permitted in places that do not have liquor licenses.

                  Try Yoshi's sushi on College Ave in Somerville-- a pretty relaxed place. Not really a destination but it's a nice place and they should let you bring your own.

                2. BYOB isn't legal in Somerville. There used to be a great little restaurant in the place where Tu Y Yo is now that allowed folks to bring their own wine, and they were shut down. . .

                  1. Once upon a time I remember being at Olives in Charlestown and the couple next to us brought their own wine and paid a corkage fee. Not sure if that is still an option.