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Mar 7, 2005 01:24 PM

source for great sausage on the North Shore?

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4chowpups posted on the Home Cooking Board:

"The majority of flavor comes from the tomatoes and the meat, a high quality superior sausage is a must. I have searched all over the N. Shore of Boston where I now live and have finally found two sources of great sausage."

So spill the beans, 4chowpups; what are your sausage sources?


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  1. Karl's Sausage Kitched, Rte. 1 Saugus for various worldly sausage. For my italian red sauce, I usually head to my local Italian Deli which makes their own types of sausage (sweet, hot, tomato & cheese). What are your two sources?

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      I second the rec. for Karl's Sausage Kitchen, esp. for the German varieties.

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        And southwest of there is JPace & Son on Main St near the jct with Lynn Fells Pkwy, for Italian saugages and a reasonably good butcher.

        Formaggio Kitchen in West Cambridge has fine European charcuterie.

      2. I third the sausage at Karl's but NOT for Italian, they put thyme in it and it doesn't taste right!! I like Dom's sausage in Malden because it is very meaty and very low on fat and I also love N.E. Meat Market's sausage in Peabody...I buy all sweet varieties with fennel (ours in N.Y. always has fennel) and I usually use 1/2 sweet and 1/2 hot in my sauce! Believe it or not, when I return to my hometown (which isn't often!) I buy 10 lbs. of sausage and freeze it along with Old Dailey's steak sauce which I hate but my chowpups (and ex.) love!! (BTW, I don't use steak sauce in ANY of my recipes, my kids dump it on my nicely seasoned steaks-yuk!!)

        1. Thwaites Market on the corner of Highland Ave and Railroad Street in Methuen. They make their own pork and tomato sausages, kielbasa, blood sausage, pork pies, scotch eggs. Tremendous meat products from a family owned market.

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            I second Thwaites. Fabulous sausages.

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              It's actually on the corner of Oakland Ave and Railroad. From 93N (or south)- take Exit 46 - Methuen/Dracut - Rt. 110 - you can only go right off the rotary - take very next turn and the road splits - stay left, through 2 sets of lights, you'll be on Rt. 113 (Lowell St) - follow for a mile or two until you reach the lights at Oakland Avenue - there will be a Lawrence Savings Bank at the corner. Take a right and follow through the residential neighborhood until you come to a stop sign (4 way stop) - Thwaites is on your left - gray building.

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                Thank you!!!!

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              OOOOH can you give more specific directions from 93N??? I'd love to try them!!!

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                Another vote for Thwaites..which is actually on the corner of Oakland Ave and Railroad Street. While I am not a fan of sausage in general..they are one of the only places I will buy sausage from. The sweet Italian is the best I've had anywhere. As well..their homemade Kielbasi is very tasty. I actually go here every two weeks or so and have been buying meat here for over 20 years.I won't buy ground beef or pork chops anyplace else. Whenever I need a roast they are my go to place, in fact I have one going in the oven shortly. You cannot put a price on the service. They will cut, trim or prepare just about anything meat related. It;s nice to buy chicken from a butcher who will trim it up for you at no charge. The chicken pub pies are delicious.

              2. The BEST sausage that I've found is from a little place in Newton. Man, this is going to be a really bad post because I don't know the name of it, but it's across the street from a wedding gown store called Vows at 334 Watertown Street in the Newton Corner area. (As you can tell, I found the place while searching for a wedding gown!) SOOOOOOOOOO good - the street even has red, white and green going down the center (instead of the traditional double yellow line). You have to know that you've hit a good place. (Sorry Chowhound Team, I know this probably belongs on the Boston board...)


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                  Depasquales (sp?) in the Nonantum village of Newton. Great sausages and pork cutlets. Family run, very small business, that was recently written up on the Globe, IIRC. Just walking in and smelling the sausages is a treat.

                  1. re: mirage

                    They have some of the best Chinese sausage I have ever eaten. I always pick some up in the summer for grilling. The Italian is pretty good as well. They have some great cuts of steak and chicken for the grill as well. Seems like the price of steak went up a bit, but still a great place. Gets crowded on weekends and closes pretty early.

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                      RIGHT! That's absolutely right. I was even off on the *section* of Newton... Hrmph. :-)

                      FWIW, they also have some Italian cooking/baking trinkets that I don't see around frequently (think of little metal tubes for frying cannoli shells around). My mom said that her Italian Zizis (aunts) used to make those little tubes in the factories that they worked in! Anyway, I digress - great sausage.

                  2. I like the italian sausage at Sessa in Davis Sqr. Beware the early closing time if you're trying to go after work.


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                      On the subject of sausage on the North Shore, I would the names of a place or two that
                      make pork spare rib sausage. I searched far and wide where I now live with no luck
                      what so ever.

                      If you have never had them, or think it sounds yucky, fear not. They are delicious!

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               old user name HwyStar is the first reply.

                        For taketheunder, you may want to call Fowles Market in Newburyport and see if they have it, or will make it for you. Small market that make very good traditional and creative sausages. Very accomodating folks too.