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Nov 2, 2005 05:50 PM

Anything special in Seattle for Thanksgiving

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We'll be in a downtown hotel over Thanksgiving. Any restaurants having something special/dinner that we might want to know about? Especially something non-traditional or unusual? Thanks ... and it won't rain that day will it? :)

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  1. Almost the exact question was just asked...see link below.
    Also, when I was looking for a list of restaurants open on thanksgiving, I found this page helpful, though I'm not sure it's entirely current:


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    1. re: kiliki

      Great! Thanks very much guess I should have looked further ... any other ideas are welcome!

      1. re: Joseph

        We're thinking about heading over to he Woodland Park Zoo's buffet Thanksgiving dinner. Another couple we knof have done this several years running and rave about it. Not a gourmet experience to be sure, but a different setting especially for out-of-towners.

        You can sign up for tickets on their website. Looks like they don't seat walk-ins for this one.

        1. re: Shelly Baur

          We did go to the zoo this year for the buffet. The food was traditional and just fine; there was a cash bar, and we had a great time walking around the zoo after dinner.

          Lots of families with children, naturally - fun.