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Nov 1, 2005 01:17 PM

Philly in PDX

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Anyone tried the Philly steak place in East(or is it west)moreland? Or the one on 156th and Sandy? Or another???

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  1. I've tried the one on Sandy, Grant's I think is the name, and thought it was a good rendition with all the expected options, plus some more NW-ey ones. I'm looking forward to do a Philly survey some time when I have a car again. I think Mother's does one and Schroeder is from Philly, I believe. Tribute's has one.

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      It's been more than a year now, but the steak I had at Philadelphia's on Milwaukie in Portland (hee!) was not very good. It needed a lot of ketchup to make it palatable. Not a good sign. Maybe things have taken a turn for the better. Mama Mia's version was good, but the steak was in thicker slices, which is a slightly different animal than a traditional Philly steak. More of a sit-down place, too.

      My credentials for evaluating cheese steaks consist of four years of college in Philadelphia. My fave is Tony Luke's. I'm a Whiz agnostic, though I prefer Provolone. And grilled onions ("with") of course. Please, let's not have another authenticity debate on this issue.


      1. re: benschon

        You lost me at ketchup.

        1. re: extramsg

          I bet that's why benshon followed the mention of ketchup with "Not a good sign."

          Sure, ketchup isn't meant for cheesesteaks, but I'd bet it he used it to make an already disappointing sandwich edible.

          1. re: Sir Loins

            Precisely, Mr. Loins. Too dry was the problem. Kind of like how you have to put a lot of mayonnaise on a dry turkey sandwich just to make it edible. I really would rather have mustard, but it doesn't make up for lost moisture in the way that mayo does.

            Which brings me to another sandwich pet peeve. Too much mayo. Ugh.

      2. re: extramsg

        I can't claim wide experience with cheesesteak and I've never eaten one in Philly, but I know delicious when I taste it, and Grant's Philly Cheesesteak makes a great sandwich. I had it with grilled onions and peppers. They're at 15350 NE Sandy Blvd, open only at lunch. Unfortunately that's 16 miles from my house, so I only get there rarely.

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        Marshall Manning

        I've been to Philadelphia's on Milwaukie in Westmoreland (they also have a location on 43 in West Linn). I've found their sandwiches to be pretty tasty (but it's been a couple of years), although I'm sure there's some die-hard-Phillies-fan-know-it-all who will come along and say that they aren't like Patsy's/Billy's/Elmo's House O'Cheesesteaks back in the old 'hood.

        Just wait.


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        1. re: Marshall Manning

          HAHA! I'm from Philly and when I read the OP, I immediately had some choice opinions and then I read your reply and had to laugh. Cheesesteaks are pretty special things to Philadelphians. Many would say you need to have cheese whiz (wid wiz) and Amoroso's rolls to make it close. Though I don't hold with the whiz (I like provolone too sometimes) I do have to say, the bread makes all the difference. Philadelphia's on Milwaukie's and in West Linn was too soft for me. NYNY on Barbur had some decent sandwiches, but were not very cheesesteak like. I'll be curious to see how xtraMSG's hunt goes and whether or not he'll need taste testers to help authenticate. I go back home for a visit in two weeks. Maybe I'll bring back a bunch of Amoroso rolls and we can organize a Chowhound visit to cheesesteak places and ask them to use the bread we bring instead.

          1. re: Victoria
            Marshall Manning

            I think we had this discussion awhile back, but Cheeze Whiz belongs on NO sandwich, and was not on the original Philly steak sandwiches. Cheeze Whiz was an addition from a Philly shop that was too lame to use real cheese.

            My favorite local cheesesteak was at Porcelli's in John's Landing, but they've closed now.


            1. re: Marshall Manning

              Multnomah County Library has a fascinating little dvd film (I stumbled upon it on the shelf) called "Sandwiches You Will Like" about regional sandwiches, and they interview Philadelphians making their famous sandwich with cheese whiz. It's obvious from their interviews there are two camps on the cheese whiz, I am not a cheese whiz guy at all.

              Thank you to all for all the kind tips, will get out and try some of these!

              1. re: John

                I adore that documentary, and also endorse another WQED, (Pittsburgh) production: A Hot Dog Story. They're charming, hilarious, and mouth watering. I've rented them through Netflix.

            2. re: Victoria

              Would love a taster, so if interested, just email me.

          2. My husband and I go to the Moreland Phillies fairly often, we both like their Italian special sub as well as the cheesesteak, although we always get them to use provolone. By the way, a good night to try it is Monday, they have a half-price special on the steak subs. On the Italian special, they offer both hot and sweet marinated peppers which the owner makes himself. Quite tasty!

            1. Ford's On 5th. has what I believe to be one of the best cheesesteaks I have ever eaten. Hand cut angus sirloin daily, real provolone, great bun etc.