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Oct 31, 2005 04:49 PM

Any dining tips for Spokane?

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I will be staying at the Davenport Hotel in Spokane. I'm looking for a casual good place for dinner, a good place for breakfast, and someplace to satisfy my sweet tooth, all within walking distance of the hotel.

I'm not especially interested in eating in the hotel itself.

Thanks for any tips. This is my first visit to Spokane.

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  1. Bay, Don't miss dining at Patsy Clark's Mansion. It's a Spokane institution with excellent food.

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    1. re: Leper

      Hasn't Patsy Clark's been closed for many years? My recommendations for Spokane would be Clinkendaggers, Shenanigans, Mizuna, or Anthony's. It is not a real chowhound town, but you can get a decent meal.

      1. re: Jane

        I recommend a little neighborhood place called "The Elk" Great food...lousy service. Ella's supper club is nice also.

        I would have to say...NO to Clinkendaggers.

      2. re: Leper

        closed about a year ago. The mansion now holds a corporate law firm. No eats!

      3. We were there on business a few weeks ago, and enjoyed the town very much. Especially the wonderful Riverfront Park. We didn't eat downtown (drove out to the Elk Ale House, very good) but we did notice that the Steamplant Brewery (I think that's the right name) has a great looking happy hour, with half price appetizers and $1.75 pints of what we've heard is very good beer. I think it's walking distance to the Ridpath. Susan C.

        1. Mizuna, Herbal Essence, Fugazzi, Moxie's, Niko's all fit the bill for dinner within walking distance.

          1. We'll be visiting for a friend's wedding over Labor Day and also staying at the Davenport (or nearby)...
            Any suggestions for a fun place for a group to go for margaritas and affordable food NOT A CHAIN? A local place would be preferred. thanks!

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              Best margaritas in Spokane are at the Longhorn BBQ between west spokane and airway heights on Highway 2 - the food is amazing (if you're not a vegetarian) and the service in the bar is fantastic. I was just there last week. And I wish I were there now.
              There's not much downtown anymore, from what I could see, but I didn't do my customary walk downtown to survey what's been torn down or renovated. The Onion or Cyrus O'Leary's are fine for drinks and food if you need to be downtown, but they're a bit tgi Friday-ish.

              1. re: hertzdonut

                So if we should get out of downtown, where should we go? Is there a close neighborhood that's fun and young? and if so, where in that neighborhood? we'll have a car!

            2. The Rocket Bakery has amazing pink cookies!