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Feb 20, 2005 09:24 PM

Trader Joe's Wine

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Just wondering if anyone can share their favorite wines sold at Trader Joes. They have some bargains that pretty decent if you are just looking for a glass with dinner. Looking for some recs.

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  1. They have an Amarone @ 12.00, qite the deal.

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      Obvious answer: "Two-Buck Chuck" aka Charles Shaw. Reliable table wine for dirt cheap. They do most varietals, including the now verboten Merlot (damn you 'Sideways'!). News stories pop up now and again about blind taste/quality tests where Charles Shaw wins out over significantly higher-priced wines.

      To keep this Boston-centered, they run $3/bottle here in Taxachusetts, and I believe the shipments arrive at area stores every Saturday. And, I don't think the Back Bay TJs carries it, but they don't carry much, so hey.

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        back bay TJ's doesn't have a iquor license....


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          I admit to happily drinking Chuck's sauvingion blanc, and really hating the merlot. I also like Red Truck very much and I've bought a bunch of the $7 prosecco. I've tried many others and don't remember any disappointments. TJ beer is also good at $5. Too bad for my local wine merchants.

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            Seriously? It is not reliable; two-buck chuck is made from the leftovers of whatever come out that year. So, by definition, it can't be a reliable taste. Some years may be decent, some may be swill. I know that you can't really argue with a wine that's $3, but least shell out like $7 for Red Truck, which is actually not bad.

          2. Trader Joe's wine are great! We have tried several of their Australian wines, and they are always very good. The Banrock Station for reds is a good reliable choice, and so is the yellowtail for their whites. Try their ports as well. It is flavoursome and at a fantastic price! When I'm not sure what to get, the guys at Trader Joe's are often very helpful and gave lots of helpful tips. I go to the Cambridge Trader Joe's at Memorial Drive.

            1. Winners I've picked up in Coolidge Corner (West Newton has no liquor license):

              Dao vinho verde, <$10
              Francis Coppola table wine, ~$15
              Some good malbecs

              I think the lesson is that if you compound the cheapness of wine from certain countries (South America, Portugal) with TJ prices you get a big bargain.

              1. At the Coolidge Corner and Cambridge TJ's--

                Nobilo Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc ($12?)
                Ique Malbec
                Coppola Black Label Claret ($15)
                Abrazo Del Toro spanish varietal blend ($7, a real bargain)
                Rabbit Ridge Zinfandel
                Ravenswood Zinfandel