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Feb 11, 2005 11:46 AM

Where can I get a good steak in Boston?

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I am looking for a place to get a good steak in the Boston area. Someplace nice, but not super upscale. Any suggestion?

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  1. for steak places in boston, my experience has been there's the "upscale" and then the very casual "steak joints" that may not be what you are looking for. so, i don't know what you mean by "super upscale" because at the higher end they are all pretty pricey, and then it seems to jump down to the "joints". but, for casual steak places (neighborhood steakhouse type place) i really like frank's in cambridge. nothing fancy, decent steak, great service. nothing is going to blow you away by any means, but you'll have a decent steak and leave without taking out a second mortgage on your house and it's fun as well. also, i recently had the steak frites at aquitaine, and that was really good, and not nearly as pricey as the more upscale steakhouses in boston (capitol grill, morton's etc) but not nearly as casual as frank's (or places like that, including the stockyard), so that might be a good middle ground. so, for mid-range steak you may be better off just looking at some mid-range restaurants that have steak on the menu rather than the high and lower end steakhouses.