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Very SoDo dining options (seattle)

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Our office is moving waaaaay down into the deepest Sodo, near Spokane St. I've been charged with coming up with a neighborhood guide to food and fun places. To me, this is, well, a bit of a black hole, as I've only ever been to Esquin and Costco. Help! Please give me your reccommendations for anything remotely edible from 1st ave So to 6th, between Holgate and Spokane St. Unfortunately, Salumi and the ID don't count

Many thanks in advance!

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  1. Haven't been there for a while but Kolbeh is really good for Persian food. The lamb kebab is huge.

    Link: http://www.seattlekolbeh.com/

    1. when i'm in SoDo getting supplies i meet a west seattle friend at Alki Bakery on first (5700 1st Ave South). it's just a little place that has well, baked goods, and also soups and sandos. it's always hopping at lunch time.

      1. I used to work around there and you need to look beyond the basic fast food on 4th Ave S.

        Pho Cycle across from the Starbucks/Sears building gets great reviews on this site for the noodle soup.

        For old school hamburgers Andy's Diner is an old classic. You eat in a traincar.

        Pyramid Alehouse on 1st S by Safeco has good bar food.

        There used to be a Seattle Supersmoke on Lander between 4th and 1st. I think it's under new ownership w/ a new name but it might still have good smoked meat.

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          The old Seattle Supersmoke location is now Jones Barbeque. It is very tasty.

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            Okay -- I know this was a very old thread, but Andy's Diner is closed. Well, it closed for a while and re-opened as "China Express" -- I've heard some not-so-good rumors about it but haven't eaten there myself.

            The "Smoke" place is now "Jones BBQ" and is excellent and on Lander between 1st & 4th. You can't miss it, he's got the smokers outside.

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            eating machine

            The Pho Cycle place is very good, but gets packed quickly around lunch time.

            Pecos Pit is always an option.

            Kolbeh is also pretty good for a change of pace.

            1. It's a bit south of Spokane, but there is an Alki Bakery & Cafe outpost on 1st Avenue. I've only been a few times but found it a welcome option in that part of town.

              Alki Bakery Cafe
              5700 1st Ave South
              Seattle, WA 98108
              tel. 206.762.5700
              fax. 206.762.8097

              I second (third?) the recommendations for Pho Cyclo and Jones BBQ.

              I've also heard talk of the il vero deli but haven't ever tried it. (2962 1st Ave S)

              Please let us know if you find any new gems! I live in W Seattle so this neighborhood is often on my route ......

              1. For great sandwhiches, go to Smarty Pants on Airport Way in Georgetown. They have a reuben (meat or veggie) that is out of this world. Their menu is online (see URL below) and you can call ahead.

                Link: http://www.smartypantsseattle.com/

                1. Also Really like:
                  - By's Burgers on 4th, south of Lander - nice burgers, but great fish sandwich, garden burger and fires.
                  - Seattle's Best Teriyaki - 4th & Lander

                  1. I have the misfortune to work in this area, and I have to say, the options are few if you don't want to drive. The best things I have found-

                    Pho Cyclo (1st Ave S / Lander) is really good, but gets crazy crowded for dine-in. You can get Bahn Mi sandwiches to go (but not to dine in).

                    El Camion (1st Ave S / Forest) is also really good -- this is the nicest taco truck (well, taco trailer really) I've seen, and has a semi-permanant site with parking, seating, and a fooseball (sp?) table. They're almost as good as El Asadero.

                    Burger Madness (4th Ave S / Diagonal) -- iffy service and sometimes long waits, but pretty good burgers.

                    By's (4th Ave S / Lander) -- smells funny outside because of its proximity to the Rabanco Recycling Center (whose trains you will come to hate) -- but has great burgers.

                    Macrina Bakery (1st Ave S / Walker) -- good if pricy sandwiches and great baked good.

                    Seattle's Best Teriyaki (4th / Lander) -- OK for teriyaki.

                    Also, of course, chains are well represented...there is McDonald's and Subway on 4th, and a food court open to the public in the Starbucks Center on 1st (it's on the 3rd floor); I'm not sure I can honestly recommend any of these.

                    Good luck-

                    1. Last Chance Chili Shack...recently featured on the Food Network's 'Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives'.

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                        Ate there today, as a matter of fact--good stuff! Four different chili options, great cornbread, and my husband said his burger was excellent.

                        Also, there's Pig Iron BBQ, right next door, and Hudson, over on East Marginal just before the Viaduct--both worth a visit. Try Hudson for breakfast--I had the shrimp and cheesy grits last time and they were great.