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Dec 27, 2004 12:14 AM

Chicken Roll (lunch meat)

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Ok, this one is a little odd I know but here it goes....

As a child growing up out-of-state (NY) a common lunch meat that my mother bought for the family was "chicken roll". Chicken Roll is basically chicken breast but it comes in the same shape as bologna; in other words, a log (or "roll") at the deli, resulting in cirular pieces when sliced.

Althought chicken breast is easy enough to find at most all delis I haven't been able to find it available in this form. Does anyone know of any place where I can find it in the Boston area? Thanks.

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  1. I used to get Weaver Chicken Roll in Franklin MA at Turco & Pisano. Last time I was there this summer they did not have it. Perusing the Weaver Site it seems they no longer make the chicken Roll

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      I've found chicken roll at Shaws and Foodmaster stores on the North Shore. It's not made by Weaver though but it tastes the same as I remember.

    2. How funny that you should mention this, 'the boy' has had me on the hunt for chicken roll lately too-- his lack of luck had him convinced that either they stopped making it, or that he had dreamed it's very existance. Growing up on chicken roll in suburban NJ, it's definately much harder to find than it used to be. I went to several deli counters and finally found some at Shaw's in Allston (on Comm Ave.) I haven't checked the Shaw's in the Pru yet, but I will next time.

      Good luck, I've been told it's just not the same without Miracle Whip ;-)

      1. I grew up with this too and have found it at my local Stop and Shop deli in the last six months.

        Good luck!