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Need restaurant recs in or around Capitol Hill in Seattle

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Hi guys,

Just moved to the area and desperately need a point in the right direction. Looking for restaurants in the First Hill/Capitol Hill area with entrees in the $10-15 range. Italian, Thai, Japanese-- it's all good.

Thanks in advance for your input!


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  1. Osteria La Spiga for northern Italian. Via Tribunali for neopolitan pizza.

    1. Machiavelli @ 1215 Pine Street

      1. Tango is very good, but a little more than $15 because its tapas.

        Green Papaya is Vietnamese - not Thai. There's a lot of stuff for under $15. Its on Pine & Belmont and is good too.

        For Japanese, go to Belltown - Saito's is the best but more expensive.

        1. Hi Chuck:

          There are a lot of low-budget options on Capitol Hill. Crave, above the Capitol Hill Arts Center on 12th and Pine, is a great neighborhood destination for any meal of the day. (It's always hopping so be prepared to wait.) The Elysian (13th and Pike) is worth checking out for the great microbrews (if ytou order judiciously, food is decent too). 15th Avenue has a wealth of nice, comfy local joints in your price range -- try the Coastal Kitchen, Palermo Pizza and Pasta, and Jamjuree or Bangkok on 15th for Thai. (Rumor has it that a sushi place is opening by Jamjuree sometime in the near future.) And if you're willing to head a little further east, on 19th Avenue is the excellent Vios (Greek, of course), Kingfish (Creole), and the more pricey but excellent Monsoon (Vietnamese). In the Pike/Pine corridor, you can find a lot of budget destinations that are good, low-key standbys -- try Baguette Box (same owner as Monsoon) and Honeyhole for sandwiches, Bimbo's for low-budget Mission-style burritos and strong drinks, and I second the recs for Machiavelli and Via Tribunali. Broadway's offerings are a little less promising. Cafe Septieme is a neighborhood standby, open late, that does some things well -- I usually order the catfish. El Greco used to be great -- but it's been a while since I've been there. Osteria La Spiga, on Broadway and Union (recommended by another hound) is very good. The Nepalese restaurant is hit or miss -- if you go, read reviews first and order accordingly. And Galerias is worth at least one visit for the ostentatious decor, gilt serving plates, and occasional surprises on the menu. I seem to recall a very well-prepared skirt steak.

          Welcome to the neighborhood!

          Link: http://www.cravefood.com/menu.html

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            I noticed this post about Crave and just had to throw in my two cents. I have only had brunch there, and on the recommendation of many friends. To be honest, I was very dissapointed. I realize it just could have been an off day, but the meal was completely underwhelming and not very appetizing. My eggs were cold, the toast was under-toasted and soggy(who messes up toast???), and it took forever to get the check even though the place was only half-full. Again, could have just been a bad day for the restaurant, but I figured a different opinion might be helpful and/or interesting here.

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                  walked by the first hill BBox the other day ...perhaps you weren't far enough down on Pine? ..it's almost at the freeway

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                    I feel your pain, brother, I lose that place nearly every time I go there. Don't give up. Maybe write down the address and keep it handy...

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                    Monday - Thursday 11:30am - Midnight
                    Friday 11:30am - 2am
                    Saturday 12pm - 2am
                    Sunday 12pm - Midnight

                    I love the yakisoba and the katsu curry. The mushroom soba is great too. Can't wait to try more dishes there.

                1. All good recommendations here so far, wanted to add a few more:

                  Aoki - next door south to the Deluxe at Broadway & Roy - is a really solid Japanese restaurant for the price. Decent sushi and robata-yaki (the hamachi collar was excellent the last time I had it), this is a reliable standby for us when Nishino isn't in our budget.

                  Pho Cyclo - on the Broadway strip, the best pho in Capitol Hill. Second favorite in the city behind Pho Bac on 7th near Jackson in the ID.

                  I hear very good things about Quinn's (http://quinnspubseattle.com/) on Pike. Haven't made it there yet.

                  1. I'm adding HaNa (japanese) on Broadway has cheap sushi, pretty good age dashi tofu + the Korean rest further back in the same mall-ish bldg is cheap & good.
                    Also on 12th, Cafe Presse is great, open late and pretty inexpensive. There is a pretty decent Thai rest on Pike just near Harvard Square, their curries are good, the staff exceptionally nice, they have a chicken dish that used to be called Sasom's Chicken which I love! I'll butcher the name Auytthaya !?!!!??

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                      Unfortunately the Korean Place (Kim Chi Bistro) has gone downhill, I think they changed owners but the food is no where near as flavorful as it used to be. I was there about 2 weeks ago the kimchi did not taste like it was made in house or if it was it was closer to cabbage tossed with Korean hot sauce rather than well fermented and “glutimatey”.

                      Pho 900 has a very interesting stew with dikon and beef although I am not crazy about the pho. Also very cheap with nice people.

                      And I think for Pho Tran Bros does a very nice job lots of different meat choices and a cream puff thrown in to boot.

                    2. Please note, the original poster in this thread is from 2005.

                      This was revived by someone trying to figure out if Baguette Box has closed. That seems like it could have been its own thread. My only chowhound pet peeve is when folks revive an old thread with something irrelevant or semi-relevant to the original topic and then everyone thinks the original question was a recent one.

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                        It looks like it was revived with the boom noodle comment which seems like it was posted by someone associated with said restaurant. Self promotion of some kind.