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Nov 19, 2004 06:38 AM

Where to buy cooking pumpkin now?

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I want to buy the sweetest, tastiest pumpkin available for making pie... what's the best place in Boston or the inner burbs to pick some up that still carries them now? A lot of places seem to only carry pumpkin through the week after Halloween.

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  1. I would bet that Wilson Farms in Lexington will have them. I am on my way there on Moinday to get all of the fruits and vegatables for Thanksgiving. I know last year at this time they have sugar pumpkins.

    1. I'm sure Russo's in Watertown still has sugar pumpkins. I've never cooked with them though.

      1. If you slow roast them, the sugars will concentrate and they will sweeten. Be careful not to burn them

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          How do u do this? How can i make a pumpkin like the veg one at the helmand? :)

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            peel them, wrap in foil with a little butter and slow roast 250-300, for an hour or two or until soft and caramelizing.

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          Splendid Spatula

          I've seen sugar pumpkins at Whole Foods as recently as last weekend.