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Nov 17, 2004 04:51 AM

sushi/japanese; bbq; cajun/creole; mexican

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I am coming back to Boston for a visit from a place where none of the above are available and would love some recommendations in those categories. Preferably not too expensive, and would love to try out new places. I have been to a number of places in the Porter Exchange for Japanese, and had barbecue at the East Coast Grill and the now-closed Jake and Earl's and the old Porterhouse Cafe before it went downhill. I have never found decent cajun/creole or Mexican food in the Boston area.

By the way, as I am coming from Uganda, and Boston is the center of the Ugandan community in the U.S., are there any Ugandan restaurants in the Boston area (I think many Ugandans in the Boston area live in Waltham)?


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  1. BBQ: Blue Ribbon, Mass Ave. Arlington or Washington St. W. Newton.
    Uncle Pete's, East Boston

    Japanese: Oishi, Chestnut Hill; Fugyaku, Coolidge Corner; Ginza in Brookline or Chinatown. Many posts on Japanese food on the board.

    Cajun: Magnolia's, Inman Sq.

    Ceviche: Great Bay in Kenmore Sq. for upscale. Rincon Limon in E. Boston for cheaper. Others can give you more details.

    There are Jamaican and Creole restaurants in Dorchester and Roxbury. Restaurant Cesaria on Bowdoin St. is good and there are others whose names escape me. Plus Angie's on Hyde Park Ave. in Roslindale.

    Don't know any Ugandan food.

    1. Are you looking for any specific regional Mexican food or more Latin American food in general? Boston seems to have a lot more Salvadoran food than Mexican. I like Tacos Lupita, which is apparently at least part Mexican owned but definitely has lots of Salvadoran influences. It's near Porter Square on Elm St.

      East Boston has more Latin-related eateries than in any other particular area. Maybe you could do Uncle Pete's and one of the Eastie places in one day?


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        Also for creole/Haitain food, perhaps Highland Creole Cuisine would be good for your needs.