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Oct 31, 2004 02:45 PM

Framingham, MA Help

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I am looking for the best restaurant certificate to give to someone -- they live in Framingham.

(Bang for Buck & Quality for them).

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  1. c
    Chas Somebody

    I apologize on replying to my own post, but I did not stress that quality is more important to me (as I would be sending a 'thank-you' to them).

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      Is Japanese acceptable? The two best places in Framingham, for my money, are Oga's, on Rt.9, and Oishii Too, on Rt.20 in Sudbury, I believe...Search the board for lots of reviews on both...Both have sushi and cooked dishes.....


    2. My suggestion is the Oregon Club in Ashland. Its a former speakeasy my grandfather used to go to every friday night. The only big difference in the last few years is the Ashland Fire Dept. made them get rid of the wood burning stove they had cooked on since the place opened. plus the menu has expanded a bit.

      John's New Yourk Sirloin is the best steak I have ever had. and the Spicy Mushroom soup coms from John's days in France at cullinary school after WWII

      John and his wife have since retired, but the word on the street is the place is still as excellent as it ever was.


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      1. re: P.

        Forgot the address:
        Oregon Club
        117 Oregon Rd
        Ashland MA 01720
        (508) 875-9030

        1. re: P.

          I second the Oregon Club. We eat there once a year for our anniversary and love it. The prices are very fair for the great food and service you receive.

        2. Sel de la Terre in neighboring Natick.

          1. My boyfriend lives in Framingham . . . we love going to the Met Bar - a great dependable place in an area of many less than mediocre chain restaurants.

            1. I think Sel de la Terre is as good as it gets in Metrowest. I love it.