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"Family Brookline Restaurant Turkish Cuisine"

Samovar Oct 29, 2004 09:24 AM

The name is a goofy mouthful, but the food was a great surprise. It occupies what looks like an old pizza and grinder joint at 305 Washington St. in Brookline village. They have made some effort to spiff up the interior although overhead flourescent lighting in the rear holds it back significantly.

Menu includes most of the great Turkish appetizers and kebabs -- plus, oddly, American grinder joint fare like burgers and mozarella sticks.

We designed our own mezze from an assortment of appetizers. Quality was top notch, accompanied by warm Turkish flat bread.

Not much ambience but there aren't enough Turkish places in town and this really hit the spot without leaving the wallet noticeably lighter.

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  1. m
    mselin RE: Samovar Dec 10, 2006 06:41 PM

    We went there recently and as a vegetarian (of Turkish decent) I'd like to make a little plug for turning the meze into a meal. I got a combination of warm and cold appetizers and was very full. I recommend sigara boregi (rolled up filo dough with beyaz peynir (feta) in the middle), domatesli patlican (eggplant with tomato sauce). We all got mücver (like zuchinni patties/pancakes) and were very happy.

    My meat-eating friends were salivating over their respective kebaps (one was a mixed grill and the other was a doner kebap).

    Two of us also ordered ayran (the yogurt drink) and while the consistency was good, we both found we needed to add quite a bit more salt.

    We intended to go for a light, late lunch, but couldn't resist the choices and ended up stuffing ourselves and then bringing the rest home, along with some favorite deserts.

    I agree that the ambience wasn't anything amazing, but it was clean and felt like a nice little neighborhood place. I don't know, but a friend told me that they have Greek music on the weekends.

    1. tatamagouche RE: Samovar Dec 10, 2006 07:27 PM

      Yes, if you do a search you'll see this is a board fave. Because I only go for lunch, though, I'm suddenly blanking--they serve wine & beer, right?

      1. h
        hargau RE: Samovar Dec 10, 2006 07:59 PM

        Isnt this the same place that used to be on Beacon st at washington square?

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        1. re: hargau
          tomaneng RE: hargau Dec 10, 2006 08:26 PM

          Yes, and that is why the original poster was confused about the American food on the menu. When they were in Washingon Square they were a diner (with a great short order cook).

          1. re: hargau
            MC Slim JB RE: hargau Dec 10, 2006 08:28 PM

            It's certainly possible that there was a connection between the old Family Restaurant in Washington Square (closed when the block was completely renovated) and the predecessor of the current Brookline Family; both were Greek restaurants, though the Washington Square restaurant was more of an American diner with a few Greek dishes. When the Brookline Village restaurant changed hands, turning from a Greek place whose menu included pizza to a Turkish one, the new owners did little to change the name, sign, or decor, but the menus are quite different. I love the current incarnation.

          2. s
            schnoodle RE: Samovar Dec 12, 2006 12:10 AM

            The old family restaurant in Washington Square was closed bacause of a fire many years ago, and then the space was finally renovated. It was run by a Greek family, at both locations, for many years until it was sold to the Turkish family a few years ago. The best thing on the menu is "Lentil Kofki" sandwich. I use to get it at a Turkish place on Beacon Hill and when I found out that the chef at that place was the same person who bought the Family Restaurant in Washington St. in Brookline Village I've been a regular ever since. They didn't use to have it on the menu but because I order it all the time, they have added it. They do serve wine and have table service in the evening. I often take out-of-town guest there in the evening and they love it!

            1. j
              jcanncuk RE: Samovar Dec 12, 2006 03:27 PM

              They also do great take-out if you want to bring it home & put their amazing food on fancier dishes :-) I love this place.

              1. g
                gourmaniac RE: Samovar Dec 12, 2006 05:16 PM

                Just there for lunch last week and the food was terrific. We had the Adana kebab and the Sultans'feast (Braised lamb on eggplant puree). Really wonderful tastes and a bargain (less than 40, with plenty of leftovers).

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