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artisan TOFU in Washington/Oregon?

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Does anyone know of any great tofu produced in Washington or Oregon? I already know of Small Planet, as well as Sunrise (in Vancouver) and Soya Nova (in Salt Spring Island, B.C.). I'm particularly looking for a good smoked tofu, but any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Ota is here in Portland.

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      So is Dae Han. I think you can buy directly from both of them, but call to find out for sure.

      Ota Tofu, 812 S.E. Stark St., 503-232-8947

      Dae Han Tofu, 3340 N.W. Yeon Ave., 503-223-0044

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      Surata in Eugene...

      1. Northwest Tofu on Jackson in Seattle. They have fresh products for pick-up daily as well as a decent Chinese breakfast / lunch menu on the weekends.

        1. I've heard great things about Thanh Son Tofu at 118 12th Ave, just off Yesler in Seattle.

          1. Not sure I'd call Dae Han or Ota "artisan" tofu.

            In Portland my favorite is Bui Natural Tofu, NE 76th just north of Glisan. Viet place, many yummy veg takeout dishes.

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              I like Bui a lot, too, though all I buy are their prepared items.

            2. The Tofu Shop makes awesome artisan smoked tofu in far Northern California very close to the Oregon border.


              1. Is anyone making especially good tempeh locally? I'd like to make some Indonesian dishes.

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                  Hi extramsg, Turtle Island makes awesome Tempeh in Hood River, Oregon (1 hour east of Portland). Here is there Tempeh product line - http://www.tofurky.com/products/tempe...

                  Most natural food stores carry some of their varieties. Make sure to try the 5 grain version.

                2. Island Spring Tofu is made by a local Vashon Island intentional community. Don't know how good it is, but how can tofu made on a commune be bad? ;)

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                    I don't know where people get the idea that island spring has anything to do with a commune. I stopped by to pick-up some fresh tofu, and what I saw was gross. This Tofu factory is an old rundown metal shed. The interior of which is growing black mold from the ceiling. I tried to ask one of the employees about the "spring" and he not being able to speak English and me not Spanish all he could do was show me where the "street" water entered the water softeners. I tried to ask of the Spanish speaking gentleman which tofu was best and he just stuck his tongue out, showing me that the employees are not fans of tofu. I felt it only right that I purchase a couple of blocks of tofu which I threw into the stinky dumpster right outside the front door. I would suggest that others take a trip and find out where and how their tofu is produced. I wouldn't eat anything that came out of that place!

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                      I love this stuff. They sell it locally, marinated in the QFC and other stores. I'm just going to pretend I didn't read this, because I'll be honest in my life I have eaten stuff that came from some pretty questionable places--I love latin american market food, for example, and I have come to the conclusion that if it tastes good, I'm gonna eat it. I heart this stuff. Been eating it since I was a kid. When living in New Hampshire had a lot of trouble eating any tofu there because I couldn't get this stuff...

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                        Hi, I actually work at island spring tofu. I just started a few weeks ago as an apprentice tofu cook. The tofu is excellent although there have been short periods when it was not so great due to a bad cook, but they have never lasted long.

                        It is true that some of the crew do not speak english or eat tofu but as people they are very cool, have integrity and work hard and know what they are doing.

                        It is not a commune and I dont think it ever was a commune, but it is a family style operation. Its hand made tofu for real. Every step in the process that can be done by hand is done by hand all they way to the packaging.

                        Island Spring also makes some other great products but they havent had anyone to do marketing or sales or anything so a lot of the additional products are underrepresented in the markets and such.

                        I dont know about vegan buddys experience or predjudices but I can say my experience has been good. I have eaten tofu all my life (macrobiotic raised) and the tofu is some of the best tofu out there. 23 years of experience has gone into this company and its still hand made tofu. The owner cares about the art and gave me the two books on Tofu "The great book of tofu" and Tofu 2 the second book to read upon my third week.

                        I eat the tofu almost every day with a little soy and their delicious steamed is amazing.

                        Keep an eye out for "healthy hearts" I am trying to get them into stores right now. They are healthy, wheat free, vegan, organic and delicious heart shaped muffins. These are really awesome and filling too. They are made with tofu in them. I am trying to get them into coffee houses right now.

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                          It's not good. I only use it if I have nothing else and I'm baking the tofu in a marinade. I'd NEVER eat it cold, with a little soy sauce, fresh gingers, and scallions.