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Oct 1, 2004 09:02 PM

Asian supermarkets in Quincy-- Super 88 and Kan Man

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I spent some time exploring Quincy tonight after a brain fried day and saw that there's a Super 88 and a Kan Man Foods. I went in to the Kan Man foods and picked up some prepared foods in the line of a decent half peking duck, as well as some VERY tasty sweet and sour daikon, pickled mustard greens, and a coconut-milk bun. The produce looked good, and was cheap, so I'm definitely going to be experimenting with choys of all stripes. Their butcher shop looked great, with whole ox tails and pig tails, etc. (I've never seen a whole pigskin before-- I'll definitely be hauling out my copy of nose to tail eating.)-- but I was ovrewhelmed at the packaged goods, much like our Dear Mr. Leff was as his int'l foods market in NJ. Any reccomendations of brands or items to look for/ask for? I was intrigued by the cured sausages and other meats, but don't know if they're spicy, sweet, etc. There were lots of things to go back for-- durian, and quail eggs, and galangal, oh my. There didn't seem to be any large variety of japanese foods, though they had indian, malaysian, and vietnamese covered, on top of the chinese items. I'm not a seafood fan, so I didn't really pay attention to that part of the store, though there were many things in tanks.

Likewise, I drove back towards JP along Hancock Street and saw the Super 88-- but it was rush hour, and too hard to take a left against oncoming traffic. I've read other postings on this Board about the Super 88 in Allston, and am wondering how the one in Quincy stacks up, both against the Allston one, and the Kan Man foods.

I know very little about asian cooking, other than my bastardized pad thai that I make on occasion, so your help is much appreciated.


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    formerly grueldelux

    Thanks for the report. I've been meaning to check out Kan Man but I never get to it, I guess because I can get anything I can think of in Dorchester, Chinatown etc. What's the address?

    Also, your main question about Asian ingredients might get more response on the General boards. I'll say one thing though: it's not as complicated to establish a Chinese pantry as you might think when facing row upon row of mysterious ingredients. To cook a big chunk of the Chinese repetoire, you really only need about 20-25 staple ingredients (sauces, dried things etc.) which are used over and over in various combinations. Google "chinese pantry" and see what you get, or search/post to the General board.

    Below is good place to start (though I'd sub peanut or grapeseed oil and add fermented bean curd, dried lily bulbs...)


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      Thanks for the information-- I'll definitely be making a shopping list the next time.

      Kan Man is on Hancock Street-- I don't know if there's a route number, since I am just beginning to know the south shore. It's past quincy center, and past the super 88, but also on the right side of the road, heading south. It's in a strip mall about 1/2 mile before the Roche Bros. and Walmart turnoff, where Hancock St. runs into some other street (very helpful, aren't I?) and turns off to the right.

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        Actually, it's on Quincy Ave which Hancock St eventually turns into when heading south on it and givin the lack of road signs in this state, it's easy to miss that. It's also Route 53 if that is any helpful.

    2. Well, I can't compare the products between Kan Man and the Super 88 in Allston since my wife does all the shopping but I do know I take much less of a hit on the wallet at Kan Man than the Allston branch of Super 88. This is also true of the food offered at Kan Man and the Super 88 food court.

      1. The Super 88 in North Quincy used to be a CVS and is much smaller than Kam Man. I would not go out of your way to go there. If you come back to Quincy go to Kam Man. Kam Man is also easier on the wallet. I know this because, I used to go to the Super 88 in Dorchester before Kam Man was around.

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          Thanks for the info and the address, below-- I live in JP, but I work in Quincy, so Kan Man and the N. Quincy Super 88 are not too out of the way for me in terms of an on-the-way-home stop, whereas Dorchester is. Is the selection at the Quincy Super 88 just smaller, or is it inferior in general to Dorchester/Allston?


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            It's just smaller store thus, less selection. If you happen to be next to it and know what your getting, by all means go in.