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Sep 10, 2004 03:02 PM

Suuthie recommendations?

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Hi there- I'm a long time chowhound lurker who needs your help! I've lived in the South End for the past 7 years, and just moved to Southie last month. I don't know too much about South Boston but seem to be having a hard time finding good places to eat around my new hood! I know I'm terribly spoiled from living in the South End where I've had tons of choices, but so far the best I've encountered has been the fish and chips at Shenanigan's, Salsa's and a couple of not bad things at Kelly's Landing. Wasn't too impressed with either Farragut House or Amrhien's (sp?), I must admit. I don't mind going back to my old neighborhood for good food, but sometimes my laziness just overtakes me and I just want to eat something local. Any ideas? Any good places for take out? So far, all the Chinese food places have looked downright scary...

Thanks so much!

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  1. For the love of God do not eat at the Chinese place next to the Stadium. I believe it is called the Ho Toi (spelling likely mangled).

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      Amherein's actually isn't so bad if you order the right thing (s). Chicken pot pie is excellent; can't go wrong with most of the sandwiches (included any of the roasted turkey options); turkey dinners are good too.

      I'm sure there are a few other ok spots, but if I were you, I'd just venture back into your old neighborhood...;)

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        Thanks for the suggestions- I'll definitely try the chicken pot pie next time. We had the lobster pie (not bad for 10 bucks, but not fab) and the stuffed shrimp (just not good) when we went. I did like the scali bread served with it though! Now that I think of it, I did notice that most of the other other customers were eating sandwiches! Luckily, I go through the old hood on the way home from work and last night had a fantastic pan-seared cod with chantarelle cream sauce from the Franklin. Yum.

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          Isn't that Beer Garden place on Broadway supposed to be decent? And Mul's Diner? Don't forget Cafe Polonia just by the Andrew T stop (altho I guess that's technically Dorchester).

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            I haven't been to the Beer Garden in years, but at least a while back the food there was nothing special. It's a huge pick up bar on weekend nights. Or it was a while back.

            Andrew Square isn't far at all from most of Southie, and there's a pizza place there that used to be really good, not sure of the name but it was right in the middle of the square on one of the pointy bits where two streets meet. Also Cafe Polonia, as mentioned, is well worth the trip. There's also a deli across the street (Baltic Deli, maybe?) that supposedly sells pierogis and the like but I haven't made it there when they are open.

            If you've gone as far as Andrew Square, you're not far from Speed's in Newmarket Square but rumor has it this is his last season so go soon,and only during weekday lunchtime.

            There's a decent bakery- Joseph's- that used to provide pretty good cakes when I worked in the area.

            There also were some interesting choices over in the Seaport area although I haven't been there in years. If the Chinese place (East Ocean City?) is still there, they used to be very good.

      2. Also, avoid the "south boston chinese restauant" on west broadway at all costs...

        - Terry's at L or K street has great breakfasts
        - the boston beer garden has better food than the farragut and amrhein's, but to me that isn't saying much. Would stick to the burgers/fries there if possible.
        -Joseph's (already mentioned) has really good cannoli and ok rice balls

        Why not go to dorchester for good asian food? It's the same distance as the south end, but parking is much easier!

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          "Beijing on the Common" on Boylston Street at the border of Chinatown delivers incredible Chinese food to Southie. Do not try any of the dumps on Broadway. The Teriyaki House is good for take-out, but has terrible wait service. L Street Diner has great breakfast, much better than Terry's Place. The Fish Pier and Kelly's Landing have good fried seafood.

          1. re: JMello

            Thanks so much for the ideas! It's good to know that Beijing on the Common will deliver that far, I used to always get food from there delivered to my last apt. L Street Diner is right around the corner from me, but I have yet to try the breakfasts. I do like their pizza and had a decent steak tip dinner on moving day. Mashed potatoes were clearly from a box though.

        2. A short hop out of Southie is 224 Boston St. Easy parking and more sophisticated food. Do not recommend Anthony's or Jimmys. The bar at the Seaport Hotel has decent food, but parking can be a problem. Porto Bello on East Broadway has good Italian but is small.

          1. Looks like South Boston's latest wave of immigrants have some pretty sophisticated tastes! We WERE a predominantly Irish Catholic, meat and potatoes kind of place. I would give the Chinese place next to Brooks a break. They have been there feeding South Boston for at least 15-20 years. It's true that they minimize their overhead (ahem) but out of the box, it's Chinese food, just like the Chinese food you get anywhere else. Amrhein's, Farragut House and of course Sullivan's have been the backbone of true "South Boston" cuisine for multiple generations of native South Bostonians. And welcome back to Kelly's Landing. If you want good Brazilian food, go to the Brazilian neighborhood in Cambridge. Italian, the North End. Soul food, go to the place in Mission Hill. Sorry to hear about the Hep A problem at the IA. They have been serving South Boston great Italian pizza forever. The best Greek pizza (hands down) comes from Supreme, at I and Broadway.