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Sep 12, 2005 01:44 AM

PDX: Best Cannoli in Portland?

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Hello All,

I'm a recent transplant (along with my wife) to the Portland, OR area. We were wondering - what is the best place in the Portland Metro area to get good cannoli? We are looking more for a Italian bakery then sit down restaurant, but any place will really do. Thanks!

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  1. Only one good choice that I know of for an Italian bakery: Di Prima Dolci. See photos at link below. The one attached is their small cannoli. I've tried several cannolis in town and theirs is the best. The shells are made in house, thin and crisp, and filled to order. The breads have become downright impressive since they've opened, too.

    1936 N. Killingsworth
    Portland, OR



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      As a long ago transplant (but originally East Coast Italian American), I would say that Di Prima's cannoli are fantastic. Everything that I have had from the place is great. It's in North Portland but it's worth the drive.

      1. re: Calabrese

        Gotta concur. Di Prima is the only choice. And it's not far at all, 7 minutes from downtown if one takes I-5 north to Greeley to Killingsworth.

        Full service bakery, plus they have counter service for breakfast & lunch. Owned by sassy NY Italians, so you get the attitude too! I love this place.

        Why do people say raviolis, paninis, & cannolis? The "i" already makes it plural!

        1. re: Leonardo

          "Why do people say raviolis, paninis, & cannolis? The "i" already makes it plural!"

          What would be the singular form??

          1. re: RM

            I'm not sure, depends on whether it's masculine or feminine. Raviolo, panina, something like that. All I do know for sure is that "i" is plural.

            1. re: Leonardo

              Thanks to all! I'll check out Di Prima Dolci this week.

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                raviolo, panino, cannolo

                I hate to insert myself into a discussion between two people named Leonardo and Nino (!) but these are all masculine. That said, I don't recall ever hearing anyone use "raviolo" when I lived in Italy. If they are good, why would you eat just one?

        2. re: extramsg

          mmmm...Di Prima Dolci...

          Great pignioli cookies too!

          .and zeppoli made to order the last Saturday of every month!!

        3. I'm an Italian, transplanted from New York to Oregon. Trust me- you will not find cannoli in the Portland area that can compare with northeast cannoli, even those from one of the two Italian bakeries in this area. In the first place, they are too small! You can get a large, honest cannolo, in New York, for approx. $2.75., and they are at least one third larger than a Portland cannolo, which is over $3.00 each! Anyone see the opportunity here? Hello!! If you want to benefit from this situation, contact me.

          1. Sorry Folks,
            You need to go to Seattle. Try Cucina di Santis near Safeco Field on 1st and Holgate. He has real cannoli from Boston and Sfogliatelle from NY!

            His sausage and peppers are delicious too!!


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              I think I'd rather get mine made fresh. There are places here that get their shells from elswehere.

              And I think Nick is confusing quality with price/size. Several of the posters above love Di Prima and came from NY and have probably eaten their weight in canoli.

            2. The best canolli is in New Orleans at Angelo Brocato's. If you can't get to New Orleans, then go to Lorenzo's on Mississippi on a Saturday. Warning: they're not creamy and super sweet. THey're made with homemade ricotta, choco chips (a few) and crispy shells. Probably some lemon zest too. While you're there, have an excellent dinner.

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                Haven't tried Lorenzo's but Di Prima Dolci still makes a great cannoli, and though they don't make the shells, Al Forno Ferruzza makes their own ricotta, and it is wonderful stuff, so it makes a great cannoli.. Do they make their own shells at Lorenzo's?

              2. Taste Unique has cannoli on the menu occassionally. Given what a great chef Stefania is, even though I have not had her cannoli yet, I would dare say they will be very authentic and very good. And I would bet she makes her own shells.