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Sep 6, 2005 04:16 PM

PDX - Has anyone tried Olea in the Pearl

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Hi all,

Going to Portland on business the week of September 19th and taking some associates out to dinner and want to try something new. Has anyone tried Olea for dinner yet?


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  1. OK, it was only the first or second week, but the food was dreadful. Octopus so undercooked, the only proper comparison is with rubber bands. Duck breast that was cold and served in fruit sauce that tasted of sugary syrup. I mean completely unbalanced. I would like to think it has grown since. They were very apologetic and the comp desserts weren't too bad. Plus it is a very attractive space. Feeling lucky?

    For something newish, maybe try Savoy Bistro instead?

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      I had an almost identical experience shortly after they opened. I trust Roger though so it sounds like it has improved.


    2. Roger J. Porter of Willamette Week has.

      1. I went and thought that the presentation and service were quite good. Olea is a breath of fresh air in the Pearl

        1. Loved the space. Try the chacuterie items (salumi, pate, etc. Had a good experience with the steamed cockles & The salt crusted branzino. (cool tableside service). Service was friendly and in the know

          1. I took a chance and took my girlfriend there for Valentine's day. We were both very impressed. My food was as original and fresh as some Bay Area favorites of mine like A Côte and Citron. The service was impeccable and every course was a well-recieved experience. Amazing addition to the thriving pearl district, and the price seems good if you're used to San Francisco/Seattle/New York prices.