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May 13, 2004 11:14 AM

Umi near Fenway?

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Anybody been? Is it just your average nondescript sushi cafe, or better than that?

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  1. i live nearby, and love sushi, so was really excited to try this out. it was ok, but not great. my chu toro had a chewy ligament or other gristle straight down the center, and for my simple salmon roll, the seaweed wasn't sliced generously enough to fully close around the rice.

    it's not pricey for sushi, but once you're headed that way you might as well go a few more minutes (and a few more dollars) to ginza or fugakyu...

    1. I would've suggested it a few years ago when it was called "Naha Cafe", and was operated by the best family ever, but now its just another regular sushi joint.

      1. About two years ago, I was there and enjoyed it, but a return visit a few months ago wasn't as good. I like Symphony Sushi better.