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Aug 29, 2005 07:56 PM

[PDX] Fresh ground pork & chicken: Where to buy?

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Does anyone have a good Portland source for fresh ground pork and chicken? I'll need about 5 lbs of each, and I'd rather buy big batches of it fresh than lots of small batches of it frozen. Thanks!

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  1. Call Gartner's. I think I've seen ground turkey, but I don't know about ground chicken. They might do it for you, though. (If you have a Kitchen Aid, I highly recommend the meat grinding attachment.)

    Gartner's Meats: 503-252-7801

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      Joaquim Julio Cortez

      Personally, I get pork from an Asian grocery store and grind it myself. I think that they get theirs from Carlton, mostly. Anyway, with chicken, it is from Greener Pasture at the PSU Farmer's Market, whole ones. Deboned at home and ground at home. Now I have bones for stock and a work out for my Kitchen Aid plus grinder attch.


    2. Gartner's is a great idea, but I have also seen these items (both white meat only and and dark meat only) at the meat counter at New Seasons. I use ground poultry for chili sometimes. Mmm, comforting rainy weather food. . .

      1. Any New Seasons store will grind to order your choice of cut for you, usually the same day, but sometimes you need to call ahead.


        1. New Seasons is just fine as a place to get meat. But I would much rather go to Gartner's just for the experience of dealing with a real butcher. You have to take a number and wait (at least on a Saturday morning) in line with all the old-timers. If you have questions about the meat that you're buying, chances are that the butcher you deal with really knows something about it. If you have special requests (like your recipe says to ask your butcher to trim the meat in a certain way) this is the place to get those filled.

          I do buy most of my meat from New Seasons. But if I have to get a roast or something for a special occasion, I'll go to Gartner's.


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            For me, it's that organic isn't high on my priority list and price is. Although, I called both, and ground pork is a bit cheaper at NS, but ground chicken is way more expensive at NS. Maybe using all white meat or something at NS?


            Ground Pork: 2.79 lb
            Ground Chicken: 1.79 lb

            NEW SEASONS

            Ground Pork: 2.59 lb
            Ground Chicken: 3.59 lb

            1. re: extramsg

              Hey, thanks for phoning them! I don't eat much chicken, but when I do, I prefer legs or thighs to breast meat. I haven't been to Gartner's in a while; clearly, a return trip is due.

          2. The best and freshest ground pork and chicken I've found is Zupan's. New Seasons ground pork is good, but their ground chicken is dark meat only. Zupans has ground white meat chicken, which I prefer for certain things. I would suggest calling ahead for that quantity.
            The other thing you could do is call Gartners or S&P. I like S&P a lot for sausage and they use/sell Drapers chicken, which is a high quality local brand. A lot of restaurants buy from them. I bet they would give you a good price on ground pork or chicken. Their info is SP WHOLESALE MEAT CO. 2331 NW 23RD AVE, PORTLAND, OR 97210. (503) 234-0579. Good luck!