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May 3, 2004 02:39 PM

Stillman's Farm CSA - any good?

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After reading the thread below about CSA, I checked out the CSA website and found that Stillman's Farm delivers to J.P. They still have shares available at $250 per half and $400 for whole from June-October. I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who's had prior experience with them.


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    We subscribed for awhile but skipped last year. The people are wonderful and we were very satisfied with what we got. They did a nice job of providing variety (including the occasional oddball choice, which we loved).

    However, we were less enthralled with the logistics of getting the box. The pick-up is in the Fleet lot on Centre Street on Saturday AM, which is a zoo. And the demand for the farmstand far exceeds the supply of clerks and items. So, it was a hassle from time to time to get our goods and get out.

    Overall, I would encourage you to give it a try.

    1. I'm a regular customer at theStillman Farm stands at the downtown farmers markets..good quality. No experience with the CSA delivery service.

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        We just signed up for the Stillman Farm meat CSA. And by god, it's fantastic. They park their van right outside Clear Flour Bakery (not, JP, I know, but I don't have any experience with JP specifically) and you just walk up and pick up your share. We signed up for a 1/4 share which is 5 lbs. I think next time we might do the 1/2 share and get 10 lbs and just freeze some portions. We blogged about our first pick up in our blog (check out my profile for the link) and you can see some pictures. We will continue to post pictures to the blog of each monthly pick up for anyone who is interested.

      2. You may want to check their web site to be sure, but I believe they are doing CSAs (both meat and veggies) in Quincy this year. I've done their meat for a while now, and absolutely love it (and am switching to pick up in Quincy in June because of the logisitics mentioned previously). Their veggies are good, too; good variety.

        1. Hi,

          We did Stillman's CSA for the first time last year, in JP. Although I live in Quincy, JP was the only Saturday option. It was a bit of a hassle driving to JP every Saturday to pick up, and it is a zoo there. However, I was very happy with the boxes themselves. They had a decent variety, more so in the spring than the late summer, when it was mostly corn, tomatoes and eggplant.

          However, my work location has changed and I switched this year to pick up in Quincy. I think it's worthwhile from a value standpoint, and of course everything was generally fresh and tasty. We had one incident with some pre-packaged spinach, and a couple of corn ears which had some rot in them. But over all, everything was good, and I was obviously pleased enough to sign up again this year.

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            I have a half share in their meat CSA and have been very pleased with the quality and variety. The beef is truely 100% grass fed ( not corn finished). I am not a member of their vegetable CSA but do buy alot of produce from them which is great stuff. The family is very nice to deal with. I highly recommend giving them a try.
            I agree the JP pickup can be a bit of a zoo, but I have found that if you get there at 11:45, it works out fine.

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              Hi there, thanks for sharing about your 1/2 share - we just signed up for a 1/4 share. I was wondering, what do you normally get for cuts of meat in your 1/2 share? I heard that with the 1/2 share (10lbs) you can get larger cuts of meat like whole roasts or whole chickens that you can't necessarily get in a 1/4 share as a whole chicken would take up the whole 5lbs! We did get a small pork tenderloin in our first installment, but I'd be interested to learn what a 1/2 share gives in terms of diversity. Thanks!

              Kristina Y.

              1. re: kristinayee

                I had a meat 1/2 share during the last 6 mo cycle; off the top of my head over the course of 6 months I received: a couple whole chickens (one was 11 lbs! I'm working through that one right now...), a couple racks of ribs (I forget what kind) several approx 1 lb packages of ground pork/beef, some lamb stew meat, several smoked and non-smoked ham steaks, several packages of bacon, several packages of sausages, a lamb steak cut from a leg of lamb.

                I thought the quality was excellent, but didn't renew as my freezer was full of all the previous six months of meat. I think for my habits buying from them or other local purveyors at farmer's markets as needed probably works out a bit better, but joining the meat and produce CSA's were good for encouraging me to be more experimental and less tied to recipes in my cooking.

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                  and adding to newyorker1 list of what was in a 1/2 share , I also recall rib eye steak, flank steak, breakfast sausage, pork belly, pork chops, lamb shoulder and rib chops, a large smoked ham and a small fresh ham, pork tenderloins and country ribs. The mix depends largely on what animals are ready for market.

                  There are 2 of us and most months we went through it, although sometimes I would have a few things left over. Last month I had some sausage and ribs left over, so I used them to make a ragu before picking up the next package.

                  I also agree with newyorker that it encourages you to experiment. I made bacon from the pork belly which was delicious, but if I saw pork belly in the market, I doubt I would have purchased it .

            2. I have done the Stillman's CSA for multiple years and really have enjoyed it - great quality, good amount for the $$, plus Glenn & the others are a joy to see each week.

              I pick up in JP on Tuesday afternoons - not sure how late they are or if your work schedule is flexible & you can do a mid-week p/u, but it's always easy then.

              Highly recommend it!