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Apr 27, 2004 03:08 PM

west newton chowfinds

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Based on a recommendation from galleygirl, I've started a new thread based on discussions of west newton eateries and food stores buried previously on a thread entitles A sharp contrast... I list the url below. Among the local highlights are de Pasquales sausage store (homemade sausage), Vecchia Roma (inexpensive delicious pasta), Guiseppes (meatball subs for $2.50), Antoines bakery (excellent almond biscotti and sfoliatelli) and Steamers (fish mearket). These are all on Watertown street in Nonantum village. Also in the neighborhood are West Street Grill (burger, tips, and fish,including fried clams when on special), DePasquales on Adams street (for Italian cold cuts). Do others have favorites in this neighborhood?


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  1. Keltic Krust bakery just off Washington street in West Newton. The Irish soda bread, etc. is good but nothing special but they have the most amazing mousse (raspberry, chocolate, etc.) cakes and small pastries in all kinds of "cute" shapes (mouse, hearts, etc.). I think these are brought in from another location so it's good to call ahead and find out what they happen to have in store at any given time.

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      Their enormous chocolate chip meringues are delicious - especially after chowing down at Blue Ribbin BBQ - just next door.

    2. In the interest of accuracy, Nonantum is not West Newton. They are both distinct villages of Newton, West Newton being to the West of Newton Center. Nonantum is in the Northeast corner of Newton. Newtonville lies in-between.

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        I stand corrected. That said, any Nonantum finds that you know of?

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          I spent a lot of time there as a kid. You covered all my bases. At least the ones still around.
          Don't forget Chung Shin Yuan (sp?) on California St.

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            And don't forget Ru Yee on Adams Street. Their $4 lunch specials are yummy - especially the spicy broccoli and green beans w/choice of rice, choice of soup, choice of appetizers!

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          And, of course, if you really want to sound like a local, you refer to Nonantum as "The Lake," not as Nonantum. Perhaps AlanH™ or someone else can tell us where that name comes from, since, as far as I know, there's no lake anywhere close.

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            If you keep going on Adams St towards California St you will pass Silver Lake Ave. I believe that is where
            "da Lake" was, many many years ago. My wife tells me that it was already dried up and filled when she was growing up in Nonantum back in the '60s.

        3. Not in Nonantum, but pretty close to the places you've listed is Russo's, the best place for produce, along with a good selection of cheese and lots of baked goods, plants for the garden, cut flowers, plus some prepared food for takeout. It also has good fresh pasta. It's technically in Watertown. There's been a fair amount of praise for it on this board. It is similar in some ways to Wilson Farm, but better in many respects, IMHO.


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            I agree totally on Russos. The other places are stops on the way home from my weekly produce gathering there. Any other ideas nearby?

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              My favorite item at Antoine's is the pignola encrusted macaroons. They are thickly covered with toasted nuts with a soft chewy interior (no coconut, but I'm not sure if ground almond gives them their bulk or something else). Antoine's also has a nice selection of seasonal Italian treats at Christmas time. Be sure to stop in between Thanksgiving and Xmas for pannetone and nougat that they only have then.

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                Haven't had it for a while (diet time!) but Antoine's rum cake was WONDERFUL!

          2. Do you happen to know what the hours are for Vecchia Roma?

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              They are only open for dinner now - working a block away, I used to love to have their yummy BAKED eggplant parm. sandwiches on Italian bread for lunch - but no longer can!!!

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                That's too bad. Their lunches were a real deal.(sandwiches and pastas)

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              I think the place is called Asia Taste next to the BSC, small take out place. I like their Suan La Chow Sho. Always hot and the bean sprouts are hot too, great peanut sauce and chili oil.