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Best Burrito in Boston

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Where is it?

So far I really like Tacos Lupita veggie version, with all the yummy avocado slices.


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  1. I think the best burrito in town is probably the newly opened andale mexican grill in the financial district.My favorite is the chicken mole burrito.i was impressed,pretty authentic...check it out (617)737-2820....

    1. I'm totally going to have to go with anna's taqueria. Some guy from L.A. said to me "dude anna's is nothing like the stuff we have in L.A., we have much better in L.A.". So I went to L.A. for a semester in college and tried all of these burritos and trust me NOTHING touched anna's. I think pretty much everyone in boston knows that anna's is totally killer. Oh and this one guy told me that anna's was his favorite place to eat and he always ordered the chicken burrito and I was always like "dude if you like the burritos get the quesadillas". He finally tried them and know he no longer gets the burritos, he's now a quesadilla man. Someone writing in Boston magazine was writing "forget verdes forget annas...... go with burritos express". I'm totally thinking that this guy is just as bogus as the guy from L.A. but still wanna hear from people who have tried both burritos express and anna's. As for the record annas is the best I've ever had and doubt even ferran adria could make a better one himself.

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        Anna's burritos are my favorite, by a mile, in Boston. I've had no others in this area worth returning to (though I have not tried Burritos Express). Despite the L.A.. dude's comments, my gut-level reaction upon first tasting an Anna's burrito was: "This is just like the burritos I used to eat as a student in California!"

        1. re: Kenji

          Ok, I gotta ask, perfectplate, kenji... where did you get those anna's-style burritos in CA? I moved out to LA from Boston about 2 years ago, and while I've found some great burritos, I can't find anything similar to Anna's style. I'm jonesin'!

          1. re: jwrose79

            These are San Francisco Mission style burritos--not LA...Anna's are based on SF style, but not in the same league as what you get in SF, sad to say...

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              Sorry, Jwrose, I'm not familiar with the burrito situation in Los Angeles, as much as I love that city. Anna's burritos call to my mind the ones I used to eat in the Bay Area, at the various places near the Berkeley campus.

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            Villa Mexico makes the best burritos that I know of. And what the @&!# does Ferran Adria know about burritos!? Seems off the wall. I guess that would be like Albert Einstein creating the best baseball glove.

          3. Burritos are too much personal preference to judge objectively. It's not like French food where you can say this dish wasn't prepared to the traditional standards, the sauces were or weren't, etc.

            I find something to like and dislike about most. At Anna's, for example, I really like the chili verde but think their carnitas are dull. Boca Grande has a bigger menu - I prefer their tamales and soups, particularly the pozole - but I like their carnitas because it has more of the grease that I think it should have (if you ask them to get it from the bottom of the container). But the differences aren't large. Heck, I'd bet that you could take a basic burrito - like chicken or steak - from 6 or 7 places, accessorize them the same, and most people wouldn't be able to identify which is which - much like beer tastings.

            I don't add guacamole or sour cream and both of those change the tastes. I tend to gravitate to a place that has a specific topping or filling that I like and eat that there.

            1. I'm a huge fan of Villa Mexico (i.e. the gas station burrito). My favorite is the carnitas, which are cooked so tender and I love the black bean salsa it is served with. I love that the burittos are pressed warm on the grill.

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              1. re: CreativeFoodie42

                ME TOO! I also love Viva Burrito. Big selection, fresh, and the burrito itself is absolutely massive.

                1. re: SaraASR

                  A 3rd here for Villa Mexico. My favorite on the menu is the Mole Poblano, but the carnitas is also very good.

                    1. re: C. Hamster

                      A 5th for Villa Mexico, though I really do like the burritos at Zocalo in Arlington as well.

              2. Mine *was* the fish burrito at El Pelon. I'm eagerly awaiting their reopening. Tied for second place: Boca Grande's chicken colorado and the carnitas burrito at Anna's. Which is proving lergnom's point that it's all personal preference.

                1. The best burrito in boston is actually the quesadilla at anna's. I go for the half beef tongue/half carnitas and just ask them to put the rice, beans, etc on.

                  1. You already found it! Lupita rocks !!!

                    And I will wager that anyone who says Anna's is the best has never been to Lupita -
                    Look, Anna's can be a fine and decent place, but the best it is not.

                    Here's why -
                    Size - not sure of the pricing these days, but the Lupita burrito is roughly 50% bigger -
                    Quality - apart from the carnitas, which Anna's admittedly does very well, Lupita's choices are generally of a higher quality.
                    Beans - Anna's periodically undercooks its beans - Lupita? Never....
                    Flavor - Just overall, Lupita has more flavor and better flavor than Anna's.

                    Lupita gets my vote, Villa Mexico is second.

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                    1. re: Bob Dobalina

                      Hey, Bob. I got takeout Lupita burritos a while ago, and we really enjoyed them. Haven't been back since, but need to get there soon. Do I remember some cinnamon or other sweet spicing to the rice? Any other specific meat recommendations?

                      We had Felipe's chorizo burritos for a quick dinner last night, and they were tasty and reasonable. I wouldn't say the best ever, but good, fast and cheap.

                      1. re: bear

                        Hey Bear - got a steak burrito and chicken quesadilla from Lupita just last night (the power of suggestion).

                        The rice you usually get as rice and beans is I think tomatoey - but there is a creamy sauce in the burrito, which might have some cinnamon? nutmeg?....maybe....it's pretty subtle, but now that you mention it...I guess there is something...definitely addictive.

                        The meats are all pretty good but for some reason, I really like the steak there over the others - it's usually of very good quality and cooked right on - Anna's for example tends to be gristly and overcooked -

                        But last night, the chicken q was great - plump boneless pieces of chicken - I could tell because a large hunk was missed when they chopped it up...their loss was my gain.

                        Oh, and I would note (esp. for yumyum) that I got the Lupita lady to smile BIG TIME last night! They always give you a red and a green salsa - like them both but the green does not agree with me, so I usually hand it back. The Lupita lady asked me, "You don't like it?" I motioned over my chest that I do, but it's too hot....BIG SMILE as she handed me a second container of the red! I always get a little smile from her. ;)

                          1. re: Bob Dobalina

                            Hey, Bob, thanks for the thoughtful response. I'm in the area fairly often since one of my sons lives in the area, so I feel a Lupita run coming on soon. I often avoid steak at burrito places, since it's often gristly and overcooked. Nice to have that option.

                            Now, Lupita fans, do the burritos hold up to takeout? Maybe 20 minutes or so?

                            1. re: Bob Dobalina

                              I've had some dubious fatty steak at TL recently, sad to report.

                              1. re: chickendhansak

                                I've had the gristle too. Not often, but it can happen.

                          2. re: Bob Dobalina

                            Lupita has the best meats hands down. The Carne Asada is the best in the area for sure and their beef tongue is amazing. Maybe it's just nostalgia, but I have to put el Pelon as #1 Burrito (although not #1 Mexican/el Salvadoran) because their El guapo is just that good. Something about those plantains they put in there just make the burrito. Also the Fish guapo is a great option as well. Can't wait until they open in Brookline. I wonder if they can learn to cook without burning the place down. I guess we'll see.

                            1. re: tysonmcneely

                              I know it might be heresy to admit it, but I also like Chipotle. Since el Pelon closed they've been my local burrito backup plan. And they're really pretty good. The pinto beans have a bit of bacon. The rice has ... something .. lime maybe? All in all pretty tasty, nothing like Qdoba (which have been popping up almost as frequently as all those empty Quizno's). Apparently the Chipotle owner is pretty serious about buying from suppliers that are not factory farms. So IMO it's worth the extra buck or so they charge. Only until El Pelon reopens though.

                              1. re: nightsky

                                I haven't had Chipotle yet, but looking forward to trying it. They have "cilantro lime rice", right? Sounds delish.

                                1. re: nightsky

                                  The burritos I ate from the Davis Sq and Medford Chipotle were sad versions of the Chipotle burritos I have eaten in the Denver area.

                            2. Sorry, but Anna's doesn't qualify as a serious answer, unless by "best" you mean "least challenging without being actively offensive". Boca Grande, at the very least, is Anna's plus flavor. My favorites, at least as of today, are Olecito, Villa Mexico and Tacos Lupitas. (But I haven't tried Andale, and I've only eaten at Cantina la Mexicana once and didn't have a burrito...)

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                              1. re: glenn mcdonald

                                IMO, don't bother with Andale. Decent, but nothing you haven't seen before.

                                1. re: glenn mcdonald

                                  It's truly a sad indictment of Boston when people say their favorite burritos are from Anna's. I'll take Chipotle over Anna's any day (another sad indictment since Boston, therefore, does not stand out if it's favorite place for burritos can be surpassed by a chain that exists in 33 states). Yes, I'm from San Francisco, and yes, I can appreciate a cheap burrito, but at Anna's you get what you pay for: inconsistent, flavorless food made from sub-standard ingredients.

                                  All that said, I'd suggest:
                                  - Villa Mexico--agree with the others on freshness and taste
                                  - Tacos Lupita--massive, tasty meat
                                  - Emiliano'z in Medford for their delicious, if inauthentic, enchilada burrito

                                  1. re: oniontears

                                    Just went to Villa Mexico for the first time and had the carnitas burrito. Definitely worth the extra few minutes' walk down the road from Anna's, and the best burrito I've had downtown. The meat was a little dry, but it had tremendous flavor, which is so lacking in Bollock-o, occasionally Anna's (though they are usually quite good), Andale, Herrera's, and that place on Bromfield that I always forget the name of.

                                2. I love the gas station burrito but I'll vote for El Triunfo on East Berkeley, it's not as heavy.

                                  1. Putting in a vote for Tapatio in E. Somerville. Outstanding burritos.

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                                      A second vote for Tapatio. Their food is solid across the board, not just the amazing burritos.
                                      The carnitas is my go-to burrito.

                                    2. I am a Tacos Lupita fan in the main but I had an awesome carnitas super burrito at Felipe's in Harvard Square the other day.

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                                      1. re: chickendhansak

                                        Felipe's is probably my favorite in the area. (Have had Chipotle, Qdoba, Boca Grande, Tacos Lupita, Anna's...something else I'm forgetting.) I like the tinga de polla best.

                                      2. I had my first burrito from Trini's Mexican Grill in the Arsenal Mall tonight. I never would have expected something so good from a food court. It's great to see something other than the usual assortment of sbarro, burger king, sakkio etc. Trini's was fresh and tasty, and they have a very good salsa bar. I first heard about it on the chowhound thread about decent mall food. Thanks Chowhound!

                                        1. Olecito for their pork burrito!! Don't forget to grab a rajas taco and a baja taco while your there....

                                          1. We just finished really good take-out burritos from Zocalo in Arlington. Delicious carnitas, smoky chipotle (probably from the requested hot sauce) well-cooked rice and beans, good guac. With the requested guac, sour cream and cheese it was around $8. Not cheap, but it was very fresh and generously filled. My son really liked his veggie mole burrito, too.

                                            The food coming out of the kitchen looked terrific, too. We'll definitely be back.

                                            1. I think Triunfo is decent, though it's lack of authenticity is an issue for me. Tapatio is very good as is Lupita. Anna's and Boca Grande are both solid if not spectacular. One that I really like and I think flies under the radar is Real Taco on Dorchester Ave. I only order the Colorado Chicken and I think it stands up pretty well to the best in the city.

                                              1. I've been a long-time fan of Anna's burritos, but I think La Verdad's carne asada or carnitas burrito is incredible. I'd rather mention a place that isn't Ken Oringer joint, but his tacos and burritos are awesome. Plus you can get them until 1 AM.

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                                                1. re: ecwashere7

                                                  What about Taco Loco in Somerville? I've never actually had the burrito, but their tacos are among my favorites.

                                                  Sidenote: Burritos kind of symbolize the whole disgusting "bigger is better" ethos to me. Switch to tacos.

                                                2. Does anybody know a good place to get legit breakfast burritos? I used to live in Santa Fe, where you don't see a breakfast menu without them and I would loooove to eat one now....

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                                                  1. re: gabbyology

                                                    Miracle of Science in Cambridge - excellent broiled grapefruit and Illy coffee as well!

                                                    1. re: rlh

                                                      teh ultimate resurrection!

                                                      People in my office seem to like Herrera's breakfast burritos

                                                    2. re: gabbyology

                                                      Anna's Taqueria in Porter currently advertises them. Tried them once, and they were not so good.

                                                      La Ronga bakery further down Somerville Ave offers them now, I'm pretty sure.

                                                      La Ronga
                                                      599 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA

                                                      1. re: gabbyology

                                                        I really like the breakfast burrito/chimichanga at Deep Ellum.

                                                        Deep Ellum Bar
                                                        477 Cambridge St, Allston, MA 02134

                                                      2. Big fan of Viva Burrito

                                                        Viva Burrito
                                                        66 Staniford St, Boston, MA 02114