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Apr 4, 2004 04:18 PM

Best Burrito in Boston

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Where is it?

So far I really like Tacos Lupita veggie version, with all the yummy avocado slices.


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  1. I think the best burrito in town is probably the newly opened andale mexican grill in the financial district.My favorite is the chicken mole burrito.i was impressed,pretty authentic...check it out (617)737-2820....

    1. I'm totally going to have to go with anna's taqueria. Some guy from L.A. said to me "dude anna's is nothing like the stuff we have in L.A., we have much better in L.A.". So I went to L.A. for a semester in college and tried all of these burritos and trust me NOTHING touched anna's. I think pretty much everyone in boston knows that anna's is totally killer. Oh and this one guy told me that anna's was his favorite place to eat and he always ordered the chicken burrito and I was always like "dude if you like the burritos get the quesadillas". He finally tried them and know he no longer gets the burritos, he's now a quesadilla man. Someone writing in Boston magazine was writing "forget verdes forget annas...... go with burritos express". I'm totally thinking that this guy is just as bogus as the guy from L.A. but still wanna hear from people who have tried both burritos express and anna's. As for the record annas is the best I've ever had and doubt even ferran adria could make a better one himself.

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      1. re: theperfectpalate

        Anna's burritos are my favorite, by a mile, in Boston. I've had no others in this area worth returning to (though I have not tried Burritos Express). Despite the L.A.. dude's comments, my gut-level reaction upon first tasting an Anna's burrito was: "This is just like the burritos I used to eat as a student in California!"

        1. re: Kenji

          Ok, I gotta ask, perfectplate, kenji... where did you get those anna's-style burritos in CA? I moved out to LA from Boston about 2 years ago, and while I've found some great burritos, I can't find anything similar to Anna's style. I'm jonesin'!

          1. re: jwrose79

            These are San Francisco Mission style burritos--not LA...Anna's are based on SF style, but not in the same league as what you get in SF, sad to say...

            1. re: jwrose79

              Sorry, Jwrose, I'm not familiar with the burrito situation in Los Angeles, as much as I love that city. Anna's burritos call to my mind the ones I used to eat in the Bay Area, at the various places near the Berkeley campus.

          2. re: theperfectpalate

            Villa Mexico makes the best burritos that I know of. And what the @&!# does Ferran Adria know about burritos!? Seems off the wall. I guess that would be like Albert Einstein creating the best baseball glove.

          3. Burritos are too much personal preference to judge objectively. It's not like French food where you can say this dish wasn't prepared to the traditional standards, the sauces were or weren't, etc.

            I find something to like and dislike about most. At Anna's, for example, I really like the chili verde but think their carnitas are dull. Boca Grande has a bigger menu - I prefer their tamales and soups, particularly the pozole - but I like their carnitas because it has more of the grease that I think it should have (if you ask them to get it from the bottom of the container). But the differences aren't large. Heck, I'd bet that you could take a basic burrito - like chicken or steak - from 6 or 7 places, accessorize them the same, and most people wouldn't be able to identify which is which - much like beer tastings.

            I don't add guacamole or sour cream and both of those change the tastes. I tend to gravitate to a place that has a specific topping or filling that I like and eat that there.

            1. I'm a huge fan of Villa Mexico (i.e. the gas station burrito). My favorite is the carnitas, which are cooked so tender and I love the black bean salsa it is served with. I love that the burittos are pressed warm on the grill.

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              1. re: CreativeFoodie42

                ME TOO! I also love Viva Burrito. Big selection, fresh, and the burrito itself is absolutely massive.

                1. re: SaraASR

                  A 3rd here for Villa Mexico. My favorite on the menu is the Mole Poblano, but the carnitas is also very good.

                    1. re: C. Hamster

                      A 5th for Villa Mexico, though I really do like the burritos at Zocalo in Arlington as well.

              2. Mine *was* the fish burrito at El Pelon. I'm eagerly awaiting their reopening. Tied for second place: Boca Grande's chicken colorado and the carnitas burrito at Anna's. Which is proving lergnom's point that it's all personal preference.