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Feb 20, 2004 03:19 PM

Scala Bread? (Grotto)

  • j

Scala bread is that Italian bread with salt on the outside right? I'm pretty sure that's what its called. The wife and I went to Grotto on the Sunday after V-day and this was in the bread basket. Any idea where to get some in Boston? Maybe the Sel de La Terre bakery? North End somewhere?

I didn't really bother writing the dinner up because it was delicious as usual and I didn't really have anything new to contribute. Well, except maybe that the tasting menu was a non-pasta tasting menu for the first time. I theorize they used all their pasta on v-day or something. Oh, and they've got a cordial license now (& a cordial list), but not yet a full-liquor license.

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  1. Scala usually has sesame seeds or plain. Any bakery in the north end or John's in Roslindale. I would venture any Italian bakery would have it.