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Indian food in Bellevue/Newcastle

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I recently moved to Newcastle, WA and am looking for some really good Indian food. Any advice? Thanks!

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  1. Have you tried Pabla on Rainier avenue in Renton? Vegetarian without sacrificing good taste (I'm a strict carnivore and still enjoyed it hugely.)

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      If you are willing to venture out a little towards Seattle in the U-district (around the University of Washington), there is an amazing Indian place called Cedars. My personal favorite is the mango chicken curry.

      Link: http://www.cedarsseattle.com/

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        Oh wow. Just ate at Cedars based on your recommendation and it was great. We got beef samosas, naan, and chicken tikka masala. Delicious. I've also heard the chai is great. I really loved the service setup they have there - a different person does each different aspect of service.

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        Pabla's offers the best vegetarian Indian food I've had outside of Southeast Asia. Service can be a bit slow and grudging occasionally, but the food is definitely worth it.

      3. Moghul Palace is located in downtown Bellevue and is very good. Plus it has the added benefit of being right next to Fran's, which has wonderful chocolates. They don't seem to have a website, but I've attached a link to a coupon.

        Link: http://www.tbopusa.com/washington/eas...

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          Thanks! That's awesome. I'll let you know what I think

        2. You should definitely try Spice Route and O India in Bellevue. they have awesome buffets!!

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            I love Spice Route. I first went on the recommendation of my Indian neighbors and I'm hooked. The gobi manchurian is like crack. I've never had the lunch buffet--I can't imagine that has the best stuff they make. Dinner is fantastic.

            There are a lot of good Indian places in Bellevue, particularly in the Crossroads area.

            Spice Route
            2241 148th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98007

          2. Mayuri and Spice Route.

            If you trek north to Mill Creek, Clay Pit is pretty nice.

            Nothing really outstanding in west side / Seattle proper, other than Pabla vegetarian in Renton.

            Spice Route
            2241 148th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98007

            1. Yes if you live in Newcastle, you need to for sure go to Naan N Curry in Renton. Excellent. Surprised noone has mentioned this. I live in Renton, this place is awesome. People come from all over to go to it.


              Naan N Curry
              709 S 3rd St, Renton, WA 98057

              1. Since the OP first posted six years ago, I'll bet he can give us some tips on good Indian food in Bellevue and Newcastel. Are you still hanging around the board, Trevor? Your suggestions six years after the fact?

                1. Recently tried Taj Palace on the recommendation from another Seattle Area thread and we really enjoyed it. Had the samosas chat, the lamb vindaloo, and the saag paneer. All were excellent.

                  As an added bonus, the same folks own a small but fairly well-stocked Indian grocery next door. Fresh curry leaves!

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                    Fresh curry leaves are available at the DK Market in Renton behind Wal-Mart, for $1.89 a bunch. I bought quite a few before I figured out that I don't particularly like curry leaves in my food!

                    Was in Pabla's last night talking with the owner who was helping me select a locally-produced mango achar (oil pickle) because I'd run out and his recommendation was wonderful! So different from the big-name brands, more like some Desi Ma ke home cooking.

                    In DK market you can also get karela, or bitter melon. I mentioned to him that I'd tried that (once) and I couldn't believe that people consider that to be edible!

                    He explained that karela is used in small amounts to add vital nutrients to a diet. (and pack a huge punch!)

                    If your tastes run more to the South Indian style, you might try the dosa stand at Crossroad's Market at 156th Street and 8th Ave NW in Bellevue. Or go around back of the shopping mall to the restaurant that used to be Udupi's. (I'm sorry I don't remember it's new name)

                    Having just seen the movie Perfect Mismatch, which is not a Hindi movie, it pointed out that the usual cuisine we think of here is Punjabi (sort of) and includes Meat, lots of Spices, and Alcohol. The family in the movie was trying to join with a family of Gujaratis who eat lightly spiced food, no meat, but put sugar on everything, and follow up with a really sweet desert. No alcohol, no shoes in the house.

                    Pick your poison, I guess! Heart attack from too much butter chicken or diabetes from too many jalebis!
                    And speaking of Jalebis:

                    Pabla's also has a really complete confectioner's deli! (I don't know what an Indian candy store is called) and their sweets are often really, really REALLY nice!

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                      The place that used to be Udupi's is called Oh India. It's since changed owners again sometime in the past several months and it's no longer very good. The previous owners did a $16 (?) buffet-only dinner which was a step above average. They had idli and vada and other South Indian stuff that you would normally have to order off a menu. I think they priced themselves out of the market.

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                        Thanks, Pete. We're city dwellers who don't drive except for the occasional ZipCar trip, so we don't get over to the Eastside or Renton all that often. That said, curry leaves have gone from regulars to only making spotty appearances at the ID Uwajimaya lately, so it's good to know as many local sources as possible. And we're *always* happy to find another source of Indian sweets. Thanks again!

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                          If you can get to the ID, you can get to DK's market. Just hop on the 101 (I think) or the 106 (I'm sure) and it will take you to within a couple of blocks of it.
                          They've had curry leaves pretty steadily now.
                          They are at 720 Lind, and here's a review website that's worth a look:
                          I took an Israeli friend of mine there and he said it was like a Souk (bazaar) in Israel.
                          It's worth a bus trip to go, fruits and vegetables are not only very high quality, they're cheap and they have a huge variety.
                          Closer to home, perhaps, they have a sister shop that's Lenny's at 100'th and Holbrook and Greenwood that might be able to get the leaves you want sent up from DK to you if you live in North Seattle.

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                            Thanks for the link, Pete. Will try and get out there sometime. Just a matter of finding the time...