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Jan 5, 2004 03:55 PM

Asian breakfasts other than dim sum?

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I'll be visiting Boston later this month (in the middle of the week) and am looking for great Asian breakfasts. I know about the dim sum at Chau Chow City - we had a great breakfast there last fall. But I'd love a Japanese or Korean or Indonesian or etc. breakfast! Thanks!
Katherine in West Tisbury


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  1. This might be a drive.. but on weekend mornings, in Lowell, they serve a fabulous assortment of dishes fro breakfast at a place called the Red Rose. Pretty much Cambodian dishes. Try it if you are nearby at the right time.

    1. Try the pho at Xinh xinh; that's a common vietnamese breakfast.

      1. Koreans eat pretty much the same stuff for breakfast that they do for lunch and dinner, except much smaller. I am not Japanese, but I assume the same for them as well.

        For example, in a korean home you'd probably eat leftovers from the previous day plus a bowl of rice, some stew (chigae), kimchee, and side dishes.

        Not sure what Indonesians eat for breakfast, but i'm sure they eat a smaller version of their lunches and dinners.

        So in conclusion (: I don't think any korean restaurants are open for breakfast (or possibly japanese)

        However there are good japanese and korean bakeries in boston that sell western style pastries that would be a good substitue for breakfast. Their names are Japonaise bakery in Brookline and Seoul bakery in Allston

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          does seoul bakery sell anything that is a specifically korean baked item? i always mean to try this place, but when i'm over that way (which isn't often) i tend to just go to yi soon. i'd love to know if they have any sort of korean specialty that might get me to finally make the trek there and try it out.

          1. re: passing thru

            I have no clue if they sell mochi there or korean ddeok (rice cake). The only time I've been there (twice) was to buy their western style pastries and cakes cause I was with my boyfriend. He hates korean food ): but loves seoul bakeries mocha cake and lemon cake.

            I bet if you go to seoul bakery around chuseok (korean thanksgiving) or new years you will find lots of rice cake

        2. I realize this isn't exactly what you're asking for, but there are a few Boston area restaurants that serve a variation on the Hongkong dimsum idea. Qingdao Garden and Zoe's both do a northern style breakfast, where steaming bowls of soy milk are the base, some selected dumplings and stuffed buns are important, along with "oil sticks" (you-tiao), basically something like a Spanish churro on anabolic steroids and not sweetened. Weekends only, I believe.

          Qingdao Garden Restaurant
          2382 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140

          289 Beacon St, Somerville, MA 02143

          1. A more typical Chinese breakfast is actually congee, chinese-style buns (from a bakery), or in Hong Kong - macaroni in soup and sometimes toast or light sandwiches. You can find these at some of the cafe, small eateries in Chinatown, but not at the dim sum places.

            In a traditional Japanese breakfast, they often eat rice with natto, pickled things, nori or perhaps some fish or sometimes okayu (a thicker version of chinese congee) also with toppings and then miso soup. I don't know of any Japanese place that serves that here.