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Dec 11, 2003 11:26 AM

South End/Boston Medical Center--delivery

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Hi there,

Thanks to all for answering my last post about creme brulee, panna cotta, korean bbq, and boba. You guys are quite possibly the nicest people I've talked to in Boston since moving here.

I wondered if anyone knew of places that deliver to South End, near the Boston Medical campus. I've been living off Domino's Pizza and Thai House delivery, and I'm getting bored.

(If someone can let me know by 3 pm, then I may just be able to eat lunch today. Otherwise, I'll end up siting at home all day with no food since I'm a Californian scared by the pouring rain outside. )

Thanks all.

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  1. We are in the same area and often get chinese from Nan Ling's, Thai from House of Siam, pizza from a great place on tremont near Masa that I can't remember the name of. Also getting tired of those choices if anyone else has favorites to share.

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      For the love of all that is Holy, please tell me that the "pizza from a great place on tremont near Masa that I can't remember the name of" is not in fact Rome Pizza? TERRRIBLE. Everything else there (subs, boneless wings, etc.) is surprisingly edible but the pizza is plain gross

      1. re: Dax

        emelio's is better if you want pizza...

        1. re: rebs

          I only had emilio's once but I thought it was kind of weak too. Not a lot of good pizza options for delivery.

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            Harry-O's for pizza delivery is better than Emilio's.

            1. re: Hope

              MANGIA!!! it's the best. i think they deliver. they are on columbus about a block into the south end from mass ave.

    2. there's a place across from BMC called harrison deli on harrison ave. i believe i saw a sign that says they deliver to the hospital, but i could be wrong. either way, they have a pretty decent grilled menu. you could always go to can get a little expensive if you're ordering every day, but at least they have a wide variety of choices.

      1. You've got lots of options. Start with, which has about 50 restaurants that deliver to the South End from all over Greater Boston. Restaurants that list the South End as a "Zone 1" area are the best bet to get your food hot and in under an hour.

        It's a little pricey, but lots of variety (burgers, BBQ, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Mex, Pizza, Thai, Vietnamese), from solid places in the Back Bay, Charlestown, Fenway/Kenmore, and Beacon Hill. You get 20% off the delivery charge if you order online.

        Other places you can call directly:

        PIZZA: Sorento's, Canestaro's (both in the Fenway), Rossini's (my favorite in the South End, but it's a minimum $35 order for delivery), Bertucci's (Back Bay). Emilio's and Nicole's pies are pretty weak, but they're cheap and they deliver fast.

        THAI: House of Siam (South End), Brown Sugar Cafe (the Fenway one), Chili Duck, Pad Thai Cafe.

        INDIAN: India Samraat.

        1. I once picked up a chinese food menu in my mailbox one late evening (or rather early, early morning), but it's a bit questionable as they don't have any physical address listed on the menu and are seemingly only open Saturday and Sunday and open after the lunch rush at 3PM. All queries are quenched as they deliver until 2:30AM, the food is quite tasty, and they are prompt and friendly. You can access them at 6174456123 and/or 6174428958. Chau Chau City in Chinatown also delivers to BMC area and is excellent (my fav.). All other chinatown restaurants that deliver should deliver to the BMC area of South End.

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          1. re: avanthomme

            I was confused to see a post of mine citing Rossini's, still unequalled for non-gourmet pizza in the South End, and long closed, when I noticed the original post is from December 2003.

            The Chinese place you're referring to is Chinatown #1, located at 49 Warren St in Dudley Square near Malcolm X Boulevard. You're a braver soul than I: is this really any better than the typical drunk-food Southie Broadway Chinese-American place with bad greasy egg rolls and magenta spareribs? I always pictured something at the level of the South End's Yum Mee, another place I've never dared to try.

          2. A friend actually turned me on to Yum Mee.....she often orders a pretty respectable garlic chicken there and I did the same...white meat chicken in a sort of spicy garlic brown sauce loaded w/ broccoli and a few other assorted veggies. I remember it being cheap and pretty good...but never went back there so it wasn't earth-shatteringly good. Just good. Certainly worth a try if you're looking for good, cheap chinese in the south end.