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Nov 18, 2003 10:36 AM

For tonight: ISO evening meeting place in Belmont/Arlington/Huron Village?

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Once a month, I like to meet a friend after dinner for some conversation and refreshment. It could be coffeee, dessert, whatever. We just want a nice place to sit and talk for an hour. But so few places are open after 8:00!

I live in Belmont, she's in Lexington.
Tonight she'll be coming from Harvard Square, so a place in or near Belmont would be best. We often resort to Brigham's but would prefer not to.

Any suggestions?


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  1. Kashish, the Indian restaurant on Leonard St. in Belmont Center, is open daily until 10 and has some good deserts (home-made ice creams, among other things). An order of naan with various chutneys also makes a great non-sweet snack.

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      Copa Cafe in Lexington Center. Nice atmosphere for sitting and chatting and many different options for food/coffee/dessert/cheese.

      1. re: rtw

        Try Cafe Levonya! It's a little russian cafe. Prices have gone up, but it's a nice place to sit, easy to park, and no one will rush you away. Drink Wisotsky tea and have a big or small bite to eat!

        1. re: Lisa

          We had a nice time nibbling on some naan and appetizers at Kashish until 10 pm. Thanks for that and other suggestions; Kashish is two blocks from my house and I hadn't thought of it. We will try Cafe Levonya next time.

          1. re: Lisa

            What is Wisotsky tea? I have very good friends by that name and can't wait to get some for them!

            1. re: chowcat

              Wisotsky Tea is from Israel (I think). Very nice flavors--I like the mint. Levonya sells boxes of the tea bags for a few dollars.

              1. re: Lisa

                Wisotsky Tea is made is Israel; the company was founded by an expatriate Russian and claims to follow that tea tradition. If you found it served in a non-Israeli Russian cafe, I'd say they succeeded.

        2. re: Samovar

          Have you tried The Select Cafe in Belmont on the corner of School Street? Excellent French food, very reasonable prices, and they don't rush you out.

          1. re: Karen

            Not to steal the post, but I posted about Select Cafe a few days ago. I peeked in and it looked pretty laid-back, like people were enjoying their food, and the food looked decent. Is it BYOB? Do you know their hours?

        3. Viet Cafe (vietnamese) or Sweet Chili (thai) both in Arlington Center should fit the bill perfectly.