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Nov 6, 2003 09:37 AM

hungry female seeks indonesian rice table

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my husband and I recently returned from a trip to the low countries and fell promptly in love with the ubiquitous Indonesian restaurants in Amsterdam, in particular the delectable rice tables which consist of 15 or so side dishes (the perfect combination of sweet and spicy!) and from which we walked away in a delicious food coma with peanut satay flowing through our veins. I'm now wondering why I never encountered these before in Boston... do they exist, or have I just not been looking in the right places? It's been 48 hours since we had our last rice table, and already I'm having withdrawal.

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  1. Used to be a place on the south side of Derry, NH that offered rijstaffel. Don't know if it is still there or not. Haven't encountered any place around Boston that does it.

    1. Andover Inn, Andover, MA, Sunday evenings. See link below.


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      1. re: Taralli

        My wife and I have been to Amsterdam 4 times with a 5th trip coming up in January. We are also addicted to the Rice Table, but for the love of god do not go to the Andover Inn one. It was down right horrible. It was very expensive and just plain bad. It tasted like the food had been prepared 3 days ago and heated up in a microwave. I have never had a worse experience at a restaurant. We complained about the food and they said "Oh, that is too bad that you didn't like it" Save for another trip to Amsterdam and get a good rice table.

        Where did you get your rice table in AMsterdam if you don't mind me asking ?

        1. re: ScoobieSnack

          Yikes! I've never been to the "infamous" Inn, but just knew they offered a rice table. Sorry.

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            I just briefly want to stick up for the Andover Inn's other non-rice table food. Whereas they may not excel at the more exotic fare, I had a perfectly cooked medium-rare steak there, the '98 Jordan Cab, berries in grand marnier for dessert (actually, these may have been TOO boozy, even for me) and some sort of wild floor-show coffee drink where they sugared the rim of an irish coffee mug, carmelized the sugar around the rim of the glass with a torch, pour brandy in the cup, lit the brandy on fire, and then put it out with the coffee, topped it w/whipped cream I believe. A fun show. Don't get me wrong, this place is no chow-find but completely competent.

            1. re: ScoobieSnack

              good question... I wish I had jotted down the names. The ones I can remember are Bali and Bojo, but my favorite one was a Chinese-Indonesian restaurant (also in that Leidseplein area). One block over from Bojo on the corner.
              looks like I had better start saving for the next trip!

          2. a

            A few weeks ago a hound posted a source for prepared Indonesian food (see link). Haven't tried it yet as I'm generally not around on Sundays, but I really really want to. Anybody else tried?

            The few people I know who've tried the Andover Inn version weren't impressed. Never been there myself.


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            1. re: Aromatherapy

              I actually emailed that source for Indonesian food, to put myself on their email list...I got a response, but no weekly emails...I thought it sounded quite intriquing..

              I've also heard less than stellar reports about the Andover Inn rijstaffel, and they weren't even from hounds(!); but I've never been....

              1. re: galleygirl

                Try again. I've been getting the weekly e-mails. I tried pasting in the latest but it comes in all screwy. Will forward it.

            2. p

              I was the one who posted the link about Indonesian "catering." Grew up in Indonesia myself, but never had this rice table thing. So I have no idea how this "catering" food compares to rice table.

              All I can say is that their food tasted very home-cook. I must admit however, that it's quite expensive for Indonesian food. About $8-9 bucks for rice, side veggies, and 3 perkedel (some sort of shrimp & corn croquette). Same price for rice, 3-4 skewers of beef satay, and side pickle. The sambel terasi (belachan chili paste)was very good, though could improve with significantly more heat.

              I've ordered one more time since the last time I posted, and actually the second time was better. I think because the 2nd time around the food was actually more to familiar to the food I ate growing up.

              I am pasting their menu for pick up this Sunday (although the ordering time has passed) just to give you more ideas. Sorry for the really long post!

              Again, please note I am in no way connected to the seller!

              The Menu for Sunday, November 2, 2003:

              Sambal Goreng Kering $ 6.99
              Fried salted fish with peanuts

              Sambal Goreng Keripik Kentang $ 6.99
              Fried chips with shrimp

              Kerupuk Udang $ 4.99
              Large shrimp flavored chips

              Kerupuk Ikan $ 4.99
              Large fish flavored chips

              Emping Belinjo $ 3.99
              Belinjo nuts crushed and made into chips

              Sambal Terasi (3 oz) $ 1.99
              Fresh homemade Javanese belachan chili sauce

              Traditional Dishes
              Beef Satay Manis $ 8.99
              Tenderloin beef marinated in satay sauce and chargrilled with shallots and chili
              served with jasmine rice and vegetable of the day

              Sambal Goreng Printil $ 7.99
              Golden meatball stir fried with shrimp and quail eggs in special chili sambal served with jasmine rice and vegetable of the day

              Perkedel Jagung $ 6.99
              Golden corn fritters filled with shrimp served with sweet soy served with jasmine rice and vegetable of the day

              Special Occasion Dish
              Nasi Tumpeng ala Aneka Rasa $ 89.99
              10 - 12 servings, served in aluminum tray
              Indonesia's famous festivity rice dish combination, a must to have for a get together Yellow rice simmered in exotic infusion of fragrant herbs, served in combination with fried chicken, golden brown corn fritters filled with shrimp, sambal goreng kering ( fried salted fish with peanuts), sambal goreng keripik kentang (fried potatoes with shrimps) sambal goreng printil (ground beef, shrimp and quail eggs in chili sambal)

              Served in beautiful rattan tray decorated with banana leaf
              or rent for the occasion, please ask for details via email

              Additional side dishes price per dish of about 6 servings:
              Fried Chicken Livers $ 5.99
              Beef Satay Manis $ 12.99

              Kolang Kaling $ 2.99
              Tapioca pearl with young coconut, palm fruit

              Pisang Goreng Istimewa $ 2.99
              Aneka Rasa's favorite! Banana fried with melted caramel, served with lots of powder sugar

              It is best to eat our product when it is fresh. However you may keep them for up to a few days in the refrigerator, and up to a week in the freezer.

              Since our product is limited, you need to preorder by Thursday for Sunday pick up.

              When ordering, please indicate your name, contact number, and location you wish to pick up your order.

              For 10 or more orders, we will deliver to:

              BU Student Center (George Student Union) Sunday between 4:00 – 4:15 pm
              Northeastern University Dodge Hall Sunday between 6:00 – 6:15 pm

              Pick-up location:

              1. SUN SUN Grocery Store
              18 Oxford Street (Boston Chinatown)
              Boston, MA 02111
              Sunday between 2:30 – 3:30 pm

              2. MIT Student Center Lobby
              (in front of La Verde’s Market)
              Sunday between 5:00 – 5:30 pm

              If you want to receive our weekly menu, please email us your name and contact information to be put in our mailing list. Our menu will change from week to week.

              Thank you for your interest in Aneka Rasa, “ A Variety of Taste” Aneka Rasa

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              1. re: pigletthepug

                I finally did get on the list...Since you're so familiar with the food, could you tell us more about the different items? Sounds like there're a lot of shrimp chips--are these the shrimp chips served in Thai and Vietnamese restaurants, the light, styrofoam-looking (but not tasting!) things? Are the printil actual meatballs, or are they fish? And what about the fried salted fish with peanuts; like a Korean panchan, or a Taiwanese cold dish? Any insight you could share would be great for a novice like me! Thanks.

                1. re: galleygirl

                  a lot of the food the "catering" serves is native indonesian food, while i grew up mostly with chinese indonesian food. i truly have no idea what the heck printil is.

                  shrimp do i explain it. the closest i have seen it here in the US is on top of a fried chicken dish in a chinese restaurant. i have never had these chips in a thai/vietnamese restaurant, so i can't make that comparison. but yes, they do look like styrofoam. emping belinjo is also some sort of cracker, but they have a bitter aftertaste to it.

                  The fried salted fish with peanuts is like the little appetizer they serve in Korean restaurant. I remember when I went to Wuchon they had this sticky, salted fish that tasted great with rice.

                  sorry i cant help that much.

                  1. re: pigletthepug

                    re: little fish - ikan bilis - little anchovies, fried with peanuts, usually a little spicy and sweet too.

                    1. re: Limster

                      This may be a long-dead thread, but I was wondering if anyone currently has a good source for Indonesian food in Boston?

                      1. re: Jardinia

                        I can cook Indonesian food! :)

                        Anyway, to answer your question. I don't know any good source for Indonesian food. I am also looking for one.

                        1. re: 02139

                          the food court at Super 88 serves indonesian fare.

                          1. re: nasilemak

                            they closed. try spice king on comm ave up near bu

                            1. re: galangatron

                              tried Spice King once last summer and it was disappointing. the curry was pretty underwhelming in flavour.

                              1. re: nasilemak

                                that's too bad. i liked their beef rendang and ayam gereng (indonesian fried chicken)

                                1. re: StriperGuy

                                  I really wanted to like that place, but it fell far short of my expectations, perhaps because I used to cook a lot of Indonesian food.

                                  1. re: ErstwhileEditor

                                    Apparently there were two different Indonesian restaurants in the same space at the Super 88 in fairly short succession. The first one, Jakarta Corner, got a lot of praise on this board. By the time I got around to eating there, last year, it was under different management (I forget the name), and had much poorer quality food. The newer Indonesian restaurant quickly disappeared and has since been replaced by Smile Thai.

                                    I don't know what the problem is with that particular space out of all of the booths at the Super 88 - all the rest have been reasonably stable, a few even still have the original tenants, such as Kantin and Lollicup, but that one spot has had at least five different businesses since the food court opened.

                                    1. re: Allstonian

                                      the other incarnation was bali kitchen and, i agree, wasn't as good as jakarta corner

                2. Since this was reopened by some random comment not relating to Boston, does anyone remember Jimmie Mac's Southern Pit BBQ and Indonesian rijsttafel on Beacon in Somerville (what I believe is now a fusion of Peruvian and American diner food)?? That was there for around 3 years after Jimmie Mac's changed hands. They had two options and it was decent enough to satisfy a craving, but didn't compare and at the time I traveled enough to have one regularly in Amsterdam.