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Aug 1, 2005 08:51 PM


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Well it takes a lot for a restaurant to disappoint me before I even go. This rant is about their poor reservation system. They don't seem to answer their phone so you get a voice mail recording asking you to reenter the ten digit phone number in order to leave a message. Well I did this a week ago with my reservation first and second time requests. They left a message on my machine which was garbled and sounded like they were granting my first time choice.

Well just to be sure since we're a larger group on a Saturday night I called again to confirm. Again the voicemail which required me to reenter the phone number. I got a new message on my machine saying they had me down for 1/2 hour after my second choice. So I attempt to call again and get the voicemail. This is so frustrating and annoying. I hope their service in person isn't this bad. Seriously reconsidering this choice already.

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  1. Volterra is at the top in my book. I found them the first week they opened and have been back nearly every week. The service and food have been top notch every time I've been. For only being open a few months, they have already changed the menu several times. Try the heirloom tomato salad. I have also received the funky voicemail system that requires you to re-enter the phone # but my home voicemail does the same thing - sounds like Qwest to me. I'm sure you will have an enjoyable evening If you don't let your frustration with making your reservation overshadow your experience.

    1. Agreed. Volterra is (still) phenomenal. I have posted a glowing review on Citysearch.
      The Wild Boar Tenderloin is not to be missed!

      1. I had the boar once for dinner at Volterra. It was fantastic, and oddly enough, tasted like buttered popcorn. The reservation system is weird, admittedly.
        Then I went for brunch: I got a basket full of stale, hard pastries (they did comp them, I will admit, but they should have noticed that their sticky buns could have been used for blunt force trauma BEFORE SERVING THEM). They were not even very busy and they still managed to ignore us for most of the time. Our food was lukewarm. It all tasted really good, but there are some kinks to be worked out at brunch. Just be forewarned.

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          I too had an incredibly disappointing brunch at Volterra, with cold food and a supposed truffled hollandaise that was nothing more than melted butter with a LOT of truffle oil. Horrible. The balsamic bloody mary was good, but didn't make up for the rest. It was shocking to be served such bad food in a place that I'd heard so many rave reviews about.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Okay - I will be calling them to reserve for my supper club in early Feb. I was hoping that their phone system had changed since the original post was from Aug 2005, but it sounds as if I may have the same problem. Hope it all goes smoothly!