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looking for low-carb bread

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Anyone know where I can buy some tasty low-carb bread?


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  1. don't know how tasty it is, but i've seen some low-carb bread (and other low-carb items) at trader joe's.

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      I also bought some from the Stop&Shop in Central Square. But honestly its not that tasty.

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      There's a store in Natick on rte 135 called Grandma's Guilt Free Goodies that sells low carb bread, baked goods and boxed items. Their mountain bread is a Syrian style bread that tastes pretty close to the real thing.

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        I've tried a lot of the stuff at Grandma's Guilt Free Goodies. A lot of it is good enough to cause me to be suspicious of their low fat/low carb claims. I don't want to start unfounded rumors, I just wish there were some way to verify the nutritional data.

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          I've lost 60 pounds since May while dining out 2+ times a week, partly due to eating a Grandma's muffin for breakfast almost every day.

          The behind the counter baked goods are supplied by Chatilla's bakery in NH, which was featured on the Phantom Gourmet last year as a low cal low carb bakery.

          I trust that the nutritional info is accurate. Not that the stuff isn't good, but if the calories/carbs/fat were higher than advertised, it would taste a lot better.

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            Does Chatila's also supply "Low Fat know Fat" with cookies and brownies?

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              You could try Chatila's Bakery in Salem, NH - it's located on Rt. 28 heading between Exit 2 and Exit 3. I live in Methuen, MA and head there every Saturday for my lo carb fix. They have mountain bread which is 5 wraps for 3.50 and very lo carb. All their goodies have no preservatives in them so if you don't plan on eating them all up in a couple of days, they freeze really well. Everything is made with Splenda. In addition, there are cheesecakes, muffins and pies. Here is their link:

              Link: http://www.chatilasbakery.com

        2. Wild Oats sells the Atkins Bread- 13 carbs for one slice. The rye isn't too bad. I usually slice it across the entire slice to make 2 "melba" styled slices for one sandwich... I had using 26 carbs to have a sandwich. That is the best I have found to date.

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            It is in the frozen food section. It is a little expensive (about $5.00 per loaf) but I keep it frozen and just use by slice. (I defrost prior to making sandwiches/french toast).

          2. I don't like a lot of the low-carb bread, although I haven't tried the stuff at TJ's yet-- but I've been getting by with open faced sandwiches on wasa crispbreads to get my carb fix-- they tend to be lower carb than most breads and also meet the yen for something crunchy. Their Fiber Rye is the lowest carb, with 5 carbs after subtracting the fiber.

            1. Have you tried Ezekiel bread? Whole Foods sells it in the freezer section. I have tried their regular loaf - dense bread with lots of flavor - best toasted. And their sesame loaf - lighter, love it toasted as well. Both are low carb and very healthy as are made with sprouted grains, per the verse in Ezekiel...

              1. paneras makes a low carb bread and bagel. I have lived in south and now in CA.

                1. Hi,

                  The "When Pigs Fly" bakery makes a really tasty low carb whole wheat bread that's only 6 net carbs per slice. It's much firmer than the other low carb bread I've tried, and doesn't have that spongy texture and cardboard flavor. It's also all natural, so it's not loaded with all the crud that the commercial bakeries use.

                  Also, Joseph's Pita makes a low carb oat bran/whole wheat pita bread, and lavash bread as well, which are quite tasty and almost as good as the regular. The texture is a bit softer than the regular pita, but it's really good.

                  All of these are available at Stop and Shop and Shaw's.

                  Also, Bob's Red Mill makes a Low Carb Whole Wheat bread mix for hand, or use in a bread machine. It's very tasty and makes a huge loaf. It's a bit harder to find this, though. I found it at Amazon.com of all places. Bob's also makes a low-carb baking mix which makes very good muffins and pancakes.

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                    I agree that the When Pigs Fly reduced-carb bread is very good of its kind. My local Foodie's Urban Market in the South End carries it.

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                      Agree on the When Pigs Fly low carb bread - I am a fan of hearty, whole grain, NON sweet lower carb bread & this really fits the bill. During the summer, they are at the farmer's market in front of South Station, but right now you can also find it at Shaw's (I just bought some at the Prudential Center location)
                      And definitely 2nd the Joseph's suggestion. The oat bran/flax/whole wheat wraps are really great, lots of fiber.... The carb/sugar levels are lower & the fiber is higher than the Ezekiels, which I used to buy.

                    2. Trader Joes has great low-carb, whole wheat tortillas. They are little, but really good!