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Oct 28, 2003 09:23 AM

looking for low-carb bread

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Anyone know where I can buy some tasty low-carb bread?


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  1. don't know how tasty it is, but i've seen some low-carb bread (and other low-carb items) at trader joe's.

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      I also bought some from the Stop&Shop in Central Square. But honestly its not that tasty.

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      There's a store in Natick on rte 135 called Grandma's Guilt Free Goodies that sells low carb bread, baked goods and boxed items. Their mountain bread is a Syrian style bread that tastes pretty close to the real thing.

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        I've tried a lot of the stuff at Grandma's Guilt Free Goodies. A lot of it is good enough to cause me to be suspicious of their low fat/low carb claims. I don't want to start unfounded rumors, I just wish there were some way to verify the nutritional data.

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          I've lost 60 pounds since May while dining out 2+ times a week, partly due to eating a Grandma's muffin for breakfast almost every day.

          The behind the counter baked goods are supplied by Chatilla's bakery in NH, which was featured on the Phantom Gourmet last year as a low cal low carb bakery.

          I trust that the nutritional info is accurate. Not that the stuff isn't good, but if the calories/carbs/fat were higher than advertised, it would taste a lot better.

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            Does Chatila's also supply "Low Fat know Fat" with cookies and brownies?

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              You could try Chatila's Bakery in Salem, NH - it's located on Rt. 28 heading between Exit 2 and Exit 3. I live in Methuen, MA and head there every Saturday for my lo carb fix. They have mountain bread which is 5 wraps for 3.50 and very lo carb. All their goodies have no preservatives in them so if you don't plan on eating them all up in a couple of days, they freeze really well. Everything is made with Splenda. In addition, there are cheesecakes, muffins and pies. Here is their link:


        2. Wild Oats sells the Atkins Bread- 13 carbs for one slice. The rye isn't too bad. I usually slice it across the entire slice to make 2 "melba" styled slices for one sandwich... I had using 26 carbs to have a sandwich. That is the best I have found to date.

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            It is in the frozen food section. It is a little expensive (about $5.00 per loaf) but I keep it frozen and just use by slice. (I defrost prior to making sandwiches/french toast).

          2. I don't like a lot of the low-carb bread, although I haven't tried the stuff at TJ's yet-- but I've been getting by with open faced sandwiches on wasa crispbreads to get my carb fix-- they tend to be lower carb than most breads and also meet the yen for something crunchy. Their Fiber Rye is the lowest carb, with 5 carbs after subtracting the fiber.

            1. Have you tried Ezekiel bread? Whole Foods sells it in the freezer section. I have tried their regular loaf - dense bread with lots of flavor - best toasted. And their sesame loaf - lighter, love it toasted as well. Both are low carb and very healthy as are made with sprouted grains, per the verse in Ezekiel...