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Oct 21, 2003 12:21 PM

Apple picking - End of season?

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Is the apple picking season over at the orchards surrounding Boston?

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  1. No, you should still have a couple of weeks. We were at Tougas Farm in Northborough this weekend - lots of varieties being picked, (online at and friends were at Marino's Lookout Farms, they had good luck too. I'm sure other places are still picking if these two are.

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      We went to Shelburn Farm in Stow on Thursday - awesome Golden Delicious, Macombs and lots of other varieties. I would think there's at least another week of picking there.

      If you do happen to go there, the donuts and cheddar are highly recommended but the cider was disappointingly weak.

    2. They were having picking at Brooksby Farm in Peabody last weekend- not sure what types.

      And mmmmmmmm awesome hot crispy cider donuts.

      1. Pick-your-own ends earlier than the actual apple harvest, which continues well into November. While you might not be able to pick your own, the better orchards are often picking their best apples from now until then, the late season apples that are the model of apple perfection but are rarely carried in supermarkets.

        1. Both Brookdale and Lull farms in Hollis NH still had PYO apples as of yesterday.

          Watch out for split apples though; that was a mean frost we had a couple of days ago.