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Aug 28, 2003 11:23 AM

Zen 320, best sushi for your buck

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Zen 320 Sushi has a 50% off special on sushi. Being curious to how good it could be at 50% off, I went there for lunch.

I went at 2:00 and it was completely empty. I ordered sushi a la carte 20 pieces. Service was terrible. After ordering I must have waited 30 minutes just for those 20 pieces. I was getting really grumpy, and was wondering if it was a mistake to come. They even forgot my wasabi and ginger.

To my suprise, the sushi was really fresh! Not Oishii standards, but pretty good compared to other Boston Sushi places. Fish pieces were big and the rice was delicately put together.

The best part is the price! At half off, 20 pieces a la carte is only 20 bucks.

Anyone else been here or try the Korean food here? Does anyone know if sushi lunch or combo specials are also 50% off?

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  1. Sounds exactly like all of my expierences there. Nab and I have gone a few times. Every time the service is slow slow slow. but the price is right and the chow is always very good.

    1. where is Zen 320? thanks

      dave mp

      1. The sushi's cheap. I tend to go for Mexican roll/Taekwondo roll type than fish at Zen though. The service is probably slow, because they only have one chef (sometimes his daughter helps out). I tend to order in advance and then go pick it up.

        I can't speak for the Korean food there, but the chef behind the sushi bar is Korean.

        1. The sushi is ALWAYS 50% off... all 50% off, all the time. False advertising if you ask me. But yes, for simpler sushi, it's a good value, even though the service blows!

          Overall, I like Genki Ya the best in Brookline, but Zen320 is yummy, too!

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          1. re: SaraASR

            We went last night and found it pretty meh. OK sushi for OK price but lacked the OMG experience one hopes for (and pays for). Hamachi Kama is a favorite of ours and theirs tasted frozen and sauced with teriyaki sauce and scallions to cover up.

          2. I usually do takeout sushi from Zen 320, with a few maki rolls and one or two hand rolls. Definitely slow in terms of the food coming out, but overall tasty and fresh.

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            1. re: BlueTrain84

              I had no problem with service as others noted which was cheerful and efficient. The sushi rice lacked flavor and the fish was OK but not melt in your mouth good. Have you tried Yokohama down the street. In a couple of visits there I have been more impressed with the sushi (though slightly higher in cost).