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Does anyone know of a homemade meal delivery service?

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I have a friend who just came home from the hospital and was thinking that I would like to prepare he and his wife some meals to make their life a bit easier. Unfortuantely, my schedule isn't really allowing me to do this, so my next thought was to have homemade meals delivered to them. Does anyone know if there is a service in or around Boston that does this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. You can have prepared food sent from Peapod, the supermarket delivery system of Stop & Shop or you could hire a personal chef to come in and prepare food for a 2 week period, package, label and freeze w directions on reheating.It might be expensive but the way to go if your friend can spring for it. Go to the website to find a personal chef in your area. Good luck.

      1. I think the prepared foods from Roche Brothers/Sudbury Farms are far superior to Stop&Shop, and RB's home delivery charges and policies are better than Peapod. I believe RB still offers free delivery for the first order for new online customers. A few years ago, when I began ordering online, the first order was accompanied by a pamphlet that offered freebies of one sort or another for the next 3 orders, e.g., free breakfast fixings that added up to about the delivery charge.

        1. Healthy Habits Kitchen in Wellsley makes great, healthy dinners.

          1. This place is amazing ! http://www.cuisineenlocale.com/
            I've only tried their food at a dinner party, but their Shared Food program sounds like what you might be looking for?

            1. Shoot - just now realized that someone revived this post, which is NINE years old. We can safely assume the question is moot, no?

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