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Jul 2, 2003 03:24 PM

Where to buy testicles?!!

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I'm looking to cook up some skewered balls (bull? calf?) this Independence Day... does anybody know of a good place in the Boston area to buy rocky mountain oysters? I'm going to give a ring to John Dewar in Newton Centre and Savenor's downtown, but if anybody has any better idea, please let me know...

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  1. I've seen them once at Super-88... the big one near south boston location...

    1. Update:

      No dice at these places. 88 has frozen balls, but I've had such bad experiences with their meats in the past, I'd really rather not get them there...

      Back in the good old days (about >2 years ago), Star Market in Allston (now "Shaw's") used to, in fact, have an amazing meat selection. This one part of their meat counter would always have exotic animals, and my friends and I got to try snake, frog, alligator, kangaroo, reindeer, rabbit sausage, and balls, just by picking up whatever they happened to have in stock. Quail eggs were almost always stocked. Now, of course, they've gotten rid of all of this, and the place straight up sucks. At least I have my memories.

      1. One of the butchers in Haymarket (forget which one) has them. At least he did about 12 years ago when I was buying a standing rib roast and looked over into the case and saw a bag labeled "balls".

        1. Update:

          I called:

          John Dewar (Newton Centre)
          Savenor's (Beacon Hill)
          Oxford Trading Company (Westwood)

          and no dice. will check super 88 in dorchester tonight. frozen balls at super 88 in brighton will be the (unfortunate) backup plan.

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            The Voice of Reason

            Ever think that just perhaps there is a r*e*a*s*o*n
            that no one is selling bull testicles? It may be time to rethink the entire testicle quest, If we cant convince you, and you really need testicles, you could maybe try the combat zone...