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Jul 11, 2005 02:37 PM

Flying Fish

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I've been getting some great suggestions from you chowhounds for our upcoming trip to Seattle. What's your take on Flying Fish? Based on their website, I'd say it looks quite good and extremely reasonable (but then again, websites can be deceiving)! What do you locals think?

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  1. Loud. Poor front-of-house service - more than once I or my friends have arrive with a reservation and wait an additional 45 minutes. Food nmostly good but not exceptional, which makes it poor value for the money (the whole fried rockfish is excellent, at least.)

    I call it The Belltown Hype Factory.

    Etta's, Matt's, Dahlia Lounge are all much better choices.

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      sally in seattle

      The Flying Fish is one of my favorite places where I'm a regular. Dahlia is getting a bit dated, but still has some decent food. Etta's and Matt's are both very good recomendations. I'd check out Flying Fish and make your own judgements after your meal. sally

      1. re: sally in seattle

        Deafeningly, eye-watering LOUD.

    2. Was going to post about Flying Fish - good timing!

      Had our first visit for SO's fancy birthday celebration on Saturday. Made a reservation a few days in advance for 6:45. We are not into any sort of "Belltown Scene" so we wanted to go early to avoid those who go for drinks and see-ability.

      The food was excellent. King salmon appetizer was perfect, spot on with smoky tomatillo sauce, creamy fresh corn, and the salmon was smooth and perfectly done. I had the wok blackened albacore and it was spicey crust outside, creamy sushi inside - yum! SO had crispy monkfish with spicy peanut sauce and it was also quite yummy, since I had to steal a bite. We had to have dessert too, and she picked warm grappa brownie, which was so delicious, and I'm more of the opinion that warm chocolate whatever desserts have been a little overdone, but this was beyond good. It had this cookie-shortbread kind of crust on the bottom of the brownie that put it over the top.

      I'm guessing that it gets really loud and "scenester" the later it gets, but I think going early is a way to avoid that. I'm one of those fish-loving not-quite-vegetarians, so any place with a menu almost exclusively devoted to fish is great to me! I liked the service - if anything maybe they don't bother you so much or hold your hand, but let you eat and relax into a leisurely meal.

      I'll go back when I can afford it again! Ha ha.

      1. I've always been very pleased with my experiences at Flying Fish and have never found the service bad nor the ambiance overly loud. But, maybe I'm just highly tolerant. Not being one to cook fish at home, I'm always pleased to find something I've not tried before on the menu in addition to some more tranditional stuff.

        It's not a drop in place, of course. You want a reservation, although I believe I've been there later in the evening, like after a movie, without one.

        For another twist, I believe KUOW is doing an interview with Christine Keff on their 8:00 pm program tonight, which you can listen to on their website, She'll be talking about how she supports and gets the majority of her produce from a local organic farm.

        1. Just got back from Flying Fish...interesting place....execution was so was the food......interesting takes on fusion fish dishes.....really good service...butter was great for the bread.....calamari was nice.....a bit salty..didn't dig the crabcakes too much...a bit too much lime...i guess I like the traditional....i had the proscuitto wrapped tuna.....not a bad dish but kind of overpriced for what it was.

          1. Hi,
            we had a very average and very expensive time here, especially considering I was drinking by the glass (driving alas) and husband was only having the odd beer. Odd ambience that is very bustly, and servicepeople are very good at doing the 'busy walk'
            Calamari was greasy - NO excuses for that!!!
            Crab cakes were OK
            Much lauded rockfish with pineapple salsa was the biggest disappointment. Over cooked, cold and expensive (3lb fish = $42) with a bland pineapple and (apparently) anchovy salsa.
            Brownie was OK but not a patch on Restaurant Zoe's chocolate velvet desert. Husband liked cupcakes.

            For the price we wont be back.
            Cant recommend Im afraid.

            Go to Zoe. It was faultless. Get the mussels mmmmmmm......