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Jun 14, 2003 09:05 AM

Turkey Bacon

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I am looking for some good fresh Turkey Bacon. Normally I get the louis rich stuff in a bag at the grocery, but this last weekend changed my mind. I was in New Jersey visiting the in-laws, and we stopped at the Amish market there. Me and the wife love turkey bacon, and cant bear to go back to the store bought stuff. So that leads us to the dilemma. We live in Boston, and can not figure out a place to look for fresh cut turkey bacon that actually has some flavor. I do not mind taking a drive and bringing a cooler with me, so I dont care if it is 2 hours away.

You know how you get when you have that craving don't you? Yeah, I am betting someone on a board for Chow Hounds like us, someone will be able to help me.

Please email me if you have any ideas where to look for this product, and thank you in advance!

Turk, E

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  1. Bread and circus has lots of good flavored turkey bacon. I suggest you check it out.

    1. I am curious where in New Jersey was this Amish market?

      1. Seven Acre Turrkey Farm in North REading may be able to help. Not sure if they have bacon, but it is worth a call. Just off of 93 ( Concord Street) , so easy to gey to. I have had their eggs and their turkey tips- so good. Here is the link