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Jul 6, 2005 01:38 PM

last minute... breakfast/brunch in medford this sunday

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any good recs for a nice breakfast or brunch this sunday in medford oregon? we're in town for a wedding saturday night and want to catch a good meal before the long drive home.

any kind of place is good, from diner to mid-priced. nothing too fancy... as our preferred dress will probably be casual.

thank you in advance!

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  1. I don't know anything about Medford & generally avoid it, but Ashland has many outstanding brunch places. Do a search & you're sure to find something to your taste.

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      Chris Heinonen

      I'd recommend the Breadboard in Ashland myself. It's fairly casual, but has always had good food in the mornings. I went there the morning after a wedding last year and it didn't disappoint at all.

      1. In Jacksonville, bella union requires no reservations, is tasty and casual.
        Jacksonville Inn is a bit more upscale, and prefers reservations, but is worthwhile too.
        In Ashland, the Winchester Inn would be my preferred choice, scones-mmmm.
        all the above are glass of champagne/order type buffets,
        not all you can eat.
        Morning glory in Ashland is creative and delicious and would be the best choice in the valley but I'm not sure if they are open on sundays.
        Roosters on barnett in Medford serves a good & hearty, but not hip, breakfast.
        Pipon's in talent has a sunday Mexican brunch. Haven't been so don't know the selections.
        Out of all the above, for ease of eating and exit, I'd choose Bella Union as a sure thing. Jacksonville's only a few miles west of Medford, and if you're heading north to Portland,you can take the back road-Or238- to Grants Pass: a really enjoyable drive and then you can rejoin 5. If you are headed south, I'd do the ashland thing.


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          Morning Glory IS open Sunday-8:00am to about 1:30pm. If you're aiming for 10:00 or later, best to call ahead for reservations
          I usually work most Sundays, so don't get by these folks on the weekend, but It's a very nice casual experience and the one I would reccomend for the "ashland " touch.