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May 1, 2003 09:53 AM

More kid-friendly places like Full Moon?

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I had lunch for the second time recently at Full Moon on Huron Ave in Cambridge. I really like the concept of this place. It's incredible child friendly (kids play area, lots of booster seats, even sippy cups on the kids menu) but it doesn't make adults eat kid-friendly food. I had a good (slightly chewy) asparagus risotto. Last time, I had a very good curried chicken salad. My friend had a smoked turkey, avocado and bacon sandwich on grilled sourdough bread. Sandwiches come with the option of mixed greens (good quality) or fries.

Desserts are substantial and approporately decadent. A warm chocolate pudding cake tasted slightly overcooked and came in a pool of chocolate sauce and was liberally topped with fresh whipped cream. Key Lime Pie was creamy and not too sweet.

And the best part is, we didn't have to worry about the chowpups bugging other diners, who mostly had their own little offpring in tow. I see from their sign there is another Full Moon in Arlington. Although, since going to Full Moon in Cambridge gives me an excuse to go to Formaggio Kitchen right down the street, I think I will have to keep going to the one in Cambridge. And it's very obvious that this place welcomes children (not just the kids play area but also written on the chalkboard), so diners who want a quiet meal in peace and calm can very easily see that this place isn't for them.

Does anyone know of any other places with good food that are particularly kid friendly?

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  1. Bertucci's in Brookline is always chock full of kids, especially babies at lunchtime (ISIS maternity is next door).

      1. We found Redbones in Davis Square to be family-friendly, especially if you go before the dinner rush (around 4:00 is good). The kids can't run around or have a separate play area but if you pack some small toys, they'll be happy in their booster seat. Taking the kids up to the counter where they can watch the kitchen is fun. If the kids are old enough, sitting at the counter is really a treat.

        Kariboo in Waltham is an African restaurant and large enough so the kids can play at the table and not bother others. Most any ethnic restaurant is more welcoming of children. Again, when you go makes a big difference. Avoiding peak lunch/dinner service is essential, I think, to having a positive experience.

        Not living that close to Full Moon, I was never a big fan. We did very well at ethnic restaurants whose food I enjoyed more anyway.

        1. I've never been to Full Moon, so I'm not sure whether it's *as* kid-friendly as that restaurant, but I had lunch yesterday at the Fort Point outpost of Flour and it was totally packed with families with their small kids. Maybe it's particularly heavy this week because of the holidays (it's not usually quite that overrun), but they definitely seem have a kid-friendly menu and to welcome children.

          1. Sweet Sue's in Arlington Center is also very kid friendly and has good, very homemade food. It kind of feels like taking your kids to a friend's house. The quesadilla would feed a family of four. They are only open til six, tho.