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Jun 24, 2005 06:06 PM

(PDX) Good Eats Near Lloyd Center

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What moderately priced places are walking distance from the Doubletree Lloyd Center? Looking for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Enjoy local faves or seafood or ethnic. thanks.

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  1. You are within walking distance of the greatest place for breakfast or lunch. Cadillac Cafe on NE Broadway. Just a 10 minute walk. My fav. Also, Milo's is good, also on NE Broadway.

    1. Note that the Max -- light rail -- is free from the Lloyd Center to downtown. So you also have the option of going downtown quite easily for free.

      There aren't a lot of good options within walking distance. I would suggest Sukhothai for Thai food, though it's a bit more of a walk than Cadillac or Milo's.

      You'd be better going downtown on the Max. Karam (Lebanese), Mother's (Midscale Comfort Food), and Mama Mia's (Italian-American) are very close to the Max and mid-priced and tasty.

      If you wanted to go just a little bit higher in price downtown, you might try Typhoon (Thai), Heathman (French/NW), or Red Star (American).

      There are also lots of cheap carts near the Max downtown, though they vary widely in quality. There've been some recent discussions if you want to browse/search the board.

      1. For exceptionally affordable and really tasty Ethiopian lunch or dinner, I'd recommend the quaint hole-in-the-wall Abole Restaurant:


        I've had some really lovely meals there and would highly recommend it, despite its shabby appearance inside and out.

        Link: http://www.portlandtribune.com/archvi...

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          That's a good point, although that article misses two of the better ones that are right around there as well: Mudai and Blue Nile.

        2. Yuki Japanese restaurant is on 14th & Broadway. Great tempura LA roll!
          Colosso tapas on 18th & broadway.
          Costello's Travel Caffe 23rd & Broadway, across the street my favorite Ethiopian, Blue Nile.

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            Though I can't speak specifically to the tempura LA roll, my experience (only one) at Yuki's was that it was bad, bad, bad. Or, at least, mediocre, mediocre, mediocre. But, hey. De gustibus non est chowhundium.

          2. Milo's (14th & Broadway) is one of my favorite breakfast places in town. Good people; good food. Sit at the bar (comfortable stools with back support) and enjoy the action while you eat. (Cadilac is nice too, but Milo's is more personal and just feels better.)