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Nostalgic Candy Shops?

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Does anyone know where I could find a candy store that would have a large selection of nostalgic candy? I'm specifically looking for items from the 60's & 70's. I'd prefer to shop locally rather than use an internet store.


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  1. Not sure if they have nostalgic candies, but there is a candy store right next to the Harvard Sq. movie theater with a pretty big selection of stuff.

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      That place is Hidden Sweets. They have a large selection of "penny candy" and candy bars. A perfect stop before the movies next door.

    2. You might want to check out Dairy Fresh Candies on Salem street in the North End. They have a huge selection and it is a really interesting spot.

      1. Rein's NY Deli in Vernon, CT carries some nostalgic candy.

        Also, the NECCO outlet by Cambridgeside Galleria in Cambridge is the place to go for Mary Janes, Skybars and, of course, NECCO wafers.

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          as for the NECCO store - I second that. it is only open during the week , and I don't know the times - something like 10 - 4.------ but totally worth it. If it doesn't meet your needs on this one - keep it in mind for another time.

        2. The Bearskin Neck Country Store in Rockport has a great selection of candy including licorice wheels, candy cigarettes and those goofy UFO things that rattle when you shake them. Plus you can listen to their player piano for $.50.

          Within walking distance are the Fudgery and Tucks Candy Factory. Both of these have a selection of candy also.

          Call before you go. Any of these shops may be closed for the winter.

          Don't forget to brush your teeth!

          - Rhino8888

          1. Not local, but Yummies in Kittery Maine, just past the outlet stores, on the right. Tons of nostaligia candy, fudge, salt water taffy, you name it they have it.

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              I second Yummies. Not that far. If they don't have it, no one does. An amazing place.

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                some of the candy there has a musty been store in your basement since the last century smell to it

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                  Never noticed that on either of my visits. The stuff we bought was all fresh, unlike when I've bought it elsewhere. Just goes to prove as with restaurant reviews that anyone can get a negative impression on a given visit. I guess when you're dealing with nostalgic candy, there can be more of tendency to be old, especially when dealing with rare and hard to find stuff. I bought Lemonheads and chocolate covered "coffee beans" and they were very fresh. I should know fresh - I worked for a major candy manufacturer a while back.

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                    you are right chowz miester the old candy was well'' old the common candy lemonheass etc are still make and have a quick turnover therefore always fresh

              2. I stumbled on a large candy store when I was driving from Framingham to Marlborough.via the back roads. It had all of th old time favs and lots of penny candy too. There was a restaurant next to it that seemed really popular and a country store attached to that. Does it ring a bell with anyone. It brought me back 30-40 yrs.

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                  weird old thread resurrection with both dairy fresh and necco closed.

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                    Huh? Their plant is in Revere, now.

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                      they had an outlet and factory in kendall square before they moved. i don't believe the revere plant is open to the public.

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                        The Revere outlet is opened to the public. Great place to go for Valentine's goodies.

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                          The factory store in Revere is now closed. I checked the NECCO website this morning to confirm.

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                    Hey catsmeow...this rang a bell with me because I lived out in Sudbury for a few years. I think the store you mean is the Wayside Country Store:


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                      Yes that's it! I just checked your link. What a great complex.

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                      catsmeow, was it near the Wayside Inn? There's a small group of stores, a general store, a bakery, a restaurant. I bet you were in the General Store, it's a trip. It's on the left if you are headed to Marlboro from Sudbury, right at the town line. The Bakery there is good - I'd have to look up the name. [sorry didn't see allgimbel's response before i posted this, and now i can't delete it!]

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                        That's ok...I'll take all the validation I can get. ;-)

                    3. Tiny shop on Franklin St. in Melrose at the train station called Candy Castle.

                      1. I believe the Marshfield General Store is famous for its penny candy collection.

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                          Here's info about a place in Walpole:
                          Article and photo by Eric H., VisitingNewEngland.com
                          Dick and Jane’s General Store, at 944 Main St., in Walpole, Mass., recently took over the old PrintWorks building, and transformed it into a handsome, old-fashioned shop with homemade fudge, retro candies, coffee, bagels, muffins rolls, gelato, educational toys and games.