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Feb 20, 2003 03:06 PM

Is there Burmese food in Boston?

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The one and only time I've had Burmese food was at a Burmese restaurant in Philly, and ever since I've been looking for a restaurant up in the Boston area that serves Burmese food. Are there any?


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  1. Island Hopper on Mass Ave in Back Bay claims to include Burmese dishes on their menu. I have never been therefore cannot attest to quality or authenticity.

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    1. re: Christine

      Many years ago there was the wonderful Mandalay on Huntington (across from the Huntington Theatre, more or less). They even opened a branch in East Cambridge but that folded too. I still recall the incredible duck garlic noodles. Sigh.

        1. re: chowcat

          Yes, it was called Se Jar Jet San and I still fantasize about it!

      1. Years ago, one took over the Combat Zone location of the much lamented Downtown Cafe on LaGrange St, but it closed after a while.

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        1. re: Karl S.

          Wow, I remember the Downtown Cafe. What a funky little place.

        2. The late lamented Yadanopon in the Zone is long gone, the first & last Burmese place I've seen in Boston. Island Hopper in the Back Bay has exactly one Burmese dish on its menu, a cold noodle dish that I thought was nice, reminiscent of some hot Cambodian noodle dishes I've had, with strong fried-garlic notes.

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          1. re: MC Slim JB

            Well, there was Mandalay, on Huntington Ave, about 17 years ago, but that's gone,too....

          2. Sheesh, I've had Burmese food in Burma and hated it. Think the worst of Chinese with the worst of Indian. I think I'd even go to an (suppress urge to retch) Ethiopian restaurant before eating Burmese food. But hey, that's just me ...

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            1. re: Willy Wilson

              I agree with Willy on Burmese food.
              I was there in 1990 and - boy - was the food bad!

              Try Penang on the edge of Chinatown for decent and pretty authentic Malaysian food.


              1. re: Willy Wilson

                Wow. We live in Malden next door to Burmese monks and they host fabulous lunches all the time. Yum.

                  1. re: Taralli

                    There is also Nepalese food at Himalayan Bistro in W. Roxbury - Also has a large North Indian menu which is excellent. Admittedly, I am not sure how close Nepalese and Burmese cuisines are.

                    1. re: Cork

                      Not very. Nepali and N. Indian cuisine are more related.

                  2. re: ginafly

                    Ginafly/Burmese monks - Wow! Tell us more!!

                    1. re: fredid

                      They host parties several times a year, usually just for the Burmese community and us (since our house is right in front of theirs and they have an easement through our property, they do the proper polite thing and invite us over for food). But once a year or so, they have a Burmese festival open to the general public where you can buy little food tickets and spend them at a bunch of tables serving various Burmese goodies. It's great.

                      I'll shoot you a message when they do it again...

                      Anyway, several of the Burmese people I've met at the monks' house have recommended YoMa and I can't wait to try it!

                1. Yoma in Allston. I only ate there once but enjoyed it. Perhaps not a well developed cuisine like Thai, Indian, or Chinese, but interesting in that it is different. And in this case I did have some yummy dishes. Here's an older thread:


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                    I don't know that that's an older thread - this one got dredged up from 2003, for some reason.