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Feb 14, 2003 10:52 AM

Lloyd's Diner in Framingham

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Just moved to the culinary wasteland that is MetroWest.

Passed by Lloyd's Diner on Fountain Street in Framingham and the place seemed intriguing. A quick search on the 'net only revealed that they had homemade ice cream and saturday classic car get togethers. Seems like a great combo to me, but was wondering how the rest of their food was?

Can anyone help me out?


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  1. pretty good breakfast place - has a dining room attached to the back. standard fare - no surprises, but get there early on the weekends - it tends to fill up quick.

    1. Breakfast is awesome!!! try it.

      1. I know this is a very old thread, but if I found it, someone else might. Maybe this place was better once, but don't bother now. The food was fine, but far from good. Pancakes were yummy enough, but the sausage was just plain bad. The service was poor. The hours are weird (Closed M-W, T-F 6-11, S 6-11:15, Su 6;30-12:15 I think). The menu is very limited, and only breakfast now. As someone used to Town Diner in Watertown, this just couldn't measure up. But at least there was no wait and my two year old liked eating a train.

        1. Haven't been, though live nearby. I was also under the impression when we moved out here that we were in a culinary wasteland. It's not true. Here is a shortlist of places that I would put against anything in town:

          1) Sichuan Gourmet (the Sichuan menu) and Red Pepper - Both have excellent Sichuan regional cooking, the former is my favorite.
          2) uncle Cheung's - straight up Shanghainese with a terrific weekend "small plates" menu.
          3) Sel de la Terre - The Natick Collection outpost.
          4) B&R artisinal breads
          5) If you turn around you will find countless excellent indian restaurants. My favorite is Dakshin followed by Rasoi.
          6) J&M diner....incredible breakfast fare...go there.
          7) lots of Brazilian places..not my thing but ask around
          8) Lots of sushi around too. The best I've had so far out here is Oga. The Sudbury Fugakyu has some delicious soups.
          9) Aztec for Tacos...my friends who are texans of Mexican descent say it's the best they've had in the northeast.
          10) The Waverly market - italian prepared foods, specialties and they make unbelievable sandwiches.
          11) Framingham Bakery for their Sicilian Pizza - sells out fast.
          12) Stone's Public House - just go.
          13) Joan and Ed's - I hesitated before putting this on but in the end...their pickles are wonderful as are their latke's, brisket, and chopped liver. Also they give an insanely big portion of whitefish with the whitefish platter. Everything else I've had is either mediocre or less.

          Now here's a caveat emptor list...either skip these or only get certain things:

          1) Kugel's - The only thing worth it is the kugel. Everything else I've had is dreck.
          2) Firefly BBQ. For the life of me I don't understand the popularity of this place...plus I witnessed a very disturbing cleanliness problem.
          3) La Cucina - They have killer red sauce items but skip everything else.

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            Wow, Tomaneng, I'm a Metrowesterner, too, and that was very helpful! I would only add Water Lily in Wayland to the list for very good American Chinese.

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              We had a very respectable dinner at The Rat Pack on Rte 9 just last week. I posted this brief review:

              We wanted to go to Ken's Steakhouse, but the kitchen closed at 9:00. Loved the old-school vibe, but had read mixed reports on this board. We'd be looking for trad, old-school food, service and style (not expecting KO Prime)... really, expecting a slight time warp, but love that kinda thing from time to time. On those grounds. would Ken's be worth the trip?

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                Great list tomaneng! I would only add that in my opinion, the bagels at Kugel's are the best I've found in town (which isn't saying too much). I think they get them from H&H in NYC, then finish cooking them in their oven.

                Also, there is a little place downtown on Rt 126, just after you pass Rt.135, whose tacos I think are superior to Aztec. I can't remember the name of the place, I think they are from El Salvador or Guatamala, (so not authentic Mexican). They have a colorful window display but a forgettable name. I would recommend checking them out - very friendly and nice, but limited English.

                Finally, Big Fresh (near the Post Office) I think is worth including. Food is not amazing, but definitely respectable, the concept is great and I want them to succeed as an alternative to the chain fast food outlets that proliferate the area.

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                  Is it on the right or the left side of 126? You're right, the bagels atKugel's are pretty good considering area options. I forgot about big fresh (though I don't know why since I just had a felafel wrap from them yesterday). I think that their salads are terrific and their fresh brewed iced teas (esp. the morocan mint). I've not had as much luck with the stir fries though.

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                    Has anyone tried Bodacious Bagels in Ashland?

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                      If you are heading toward downtown on 126, from Route 9, cross over the railroad tracks and 135, and it is just after that on the right side of the street. Let me know how you think the tacos compare to Aztec.

                2. Wow thats a blast from the past. Back in the 80s i used to go to car shows there and at Nicks in Natick. Used to have $1 foot long hot dogs at Lloyds on car show nights!