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Aquitaine Bistrot in Chestnut Hill -- Any advice

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There was a recent posting on this restaurant in the Chestnut Hill Mall on Rt. 9 in Brookline. Can anybody give a more detailed report? I have heard good things, but have never tried it. I am thinking of it for dinner next week. Any advice?

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  1. Fine adult restaurant--no cutting edge cuisine, but well conceived and excecuted contemporary versions of French inspired Bistro Classics. Good coq-au-vin is regular Monday night special. Fine Sunday Brunch menu, & they take & honor reservations.

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      Their frites are very good.

    2. The best steak frites I've had in town.

      1. Restaurant week is a good way to try new restaurants so I headed to Aquitaine in Chestnut Hill for lunch today. They serve the cheaper two course lunch (Light Lunch) and I wish more restaurants would do the same. 3 courses and $20.13 are both to much for me.
        I thought the interior was really nice and so was the tables as well.
        I started with the Lobster Bisque with Vanilla Poached Lobster and Cognac and much to my surprise a glass of wine was included in the price! The lobster bisque had a very foamy texture to it, not sure if I really liked that. The bisque was OK with a few bits of lobster included.
        Braised Beef Short Ribs with Pommes Robuchon, Young Farm Vegetables, Pickled Pearl Onions and Cabernet Jus was really delicious with tasty and tender short ribs and vegetables that was cooked perfectly and there was also a morel mushroom included. I even ate the carrot and I'm not much of a carrot person but this one was still crunchy and tasted of carrots. I read afterwards that this place has gotten very mixed reviews but I found nothing to complain about today. Food was really good as was the service and the friendly staff.


        1. Aquitaine Bis is good and consistent, if heavy and, as noted, hardly cutting edge.

          [BTW, Ferrari328, I completely disagree that Restaurant Week is a good way to try new restaurants. It's a good way to see how restaurants can handle the parameters of Restaurant Week, but oftentimes not a good way to experience what a restaurant is capable of doing on a "normal" night. Just my unsolicited two cents!]

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            a lot of kitchen lines can crash during the crush of rw, so if a place can execute well during this hella period, it's generally a well-run kitchen.

            i'd also sell a kidney for those potatoes. :)

            aquitaine is a concept first and a restaurant second. they do just fine at what they set out to do.

          2. Do you guys realize you're answering a question from over 10 years ago?

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              That's probably not the record for reviving a zombie post on this board, but I'm guessing it's close.


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                    that scene was awesome! gaaaah!! merle's eyes!

            2. I think they are quite good, and solid for steak frites, escargots, etc. It's perfect food for the times we live in. I'm still riding high after the winter olympics (Salt Lake City, of course) and gladdened that those Enron scoundrels are getting their just desserts. I'm pretty sure Avril Lavigne (currently on repeat in my Discman) will prove to be a timeless artist in the vein of Mozart.

              1. Was there yesterday.
                My Plat du jour of golden trout was excellent. Crispy skin and just enough fume buerre blanc sauce to compliment with a watercress salad.
                DH had the Bistro Classic Salad Ni├žoise. It came with no anchovies, no olives and no potatoes. The tuna on top tasted like canned tuna in water instead of the oil-cured tuna as claimed on the menu. The salad leaves underneath was not dressed at all. The whole thing was just a pile of bagged mixed green with a few stands of green beans, a hard boiled egg with some bits of canned tuna on top! Truly disappointing for a supposedly French Bistro! And at $14.95 - a complete rip-off. Regretted not sending it back.

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                  with due respect to those who like this place, if it was a restaurant as opposed to a "corporate concept" it's chef would never send out a Nicoise like that. I much prefer Cognac Bistro, Washington Square Tavern, Fireplace Grill where, even if they miss on something, I'm pretty sure it isn't a committee deciding what's on the plate.

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                    Agreed. Cognac Bistro and Washington Square Tavern are far superior. Shame Cognac is closing soon.