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Jan 22, 2003 09:26 AM

rice pudding

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Where have you found the best basic rice pudding in the area? I've always been partial to the pudding at Demo's in Watertown, but am wondering if there are other worthy options out there.

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  1. I like the rice pudding at Greek Corner in Cambridge (Mass. Ave. or Harvard Square--same cook). It's a light thin version (reminds me of German Milchreis) with just a touch of cinnamon.

    1. I think Kozy Shack rice pudding, available in most supermarkets, is as good as any I've had at a restaurant.

      1. It's tough to top the Persian rice pudding offered at The Blue Room's Sunday buffet brunch. If you steal a slice of papaya or mango from the fruit display, it is even more delicious.

        1. The Helmand in Cambridge is okay.

          I like to make it myself using coconut milk and maple syrup.

          1. The White Hen Pantry in Porter Square - Cambridge is unbelievably good. It's homemade by the owner's ? Not only is it good - The White Hen Pantry is located right across from the Porter Square T stop.