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Jan 7, 2003 04:05 PM

Best Italian restaurant in the North End?

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What's the best Italian restaurant in the North End?

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  1. We like Piccola Venezia (Hanover) and Pagliuca's (Hanover and Parmenter). Both are very "kid friendly" if that matters.

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    1. re: Susanne

      what about Dom's Restaurant, great food, great owners
      and its been there for decades. try it....

      1. re: db

        Dom's has been closed for over a year now.

    2. My favorites:

      Modern Italian - Prezza (on Fleet)
      Most Romantic - Trattoria a la Scalinatella (Hanover)
      Gourmet - Sage
      Never-Mentioned - Taverna Toscana on Salem (not much atmosphere, but great prices and my favorite lobster ravioli)
      Teeny-Tiny - Carmen
      Home-style - L'Osteria, but can be inconsistent. Still searching.

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      1. re: Rubee

        I'm prety sure that Scalinatella is now Marco (located on second floor above cafe paradiso).

        1. re: missfoodie

          Yes, that's correct (this topic and my post is 6+ years old, from 2003).

          Also, to update my list - Taverna Toscana closed years ago and has been replaced by Neptune (a current favorite North End restaurant), and Sage has relocated to the South End.

      2. Skip my recommendations if you're looking for a red sauce palace, which accounts for 90% of North End joints...

        Prezza -- genius of a young chef, very creative. Also noteworthy for: a) having parking, b) taking reservations, c) serving dessert, and d) having a full bar with great cocktails. The only North End restaurant I really love that can make these claims. $$$$.

        Mamma Maria -- traditional Northern Italian, lovely atmosphere (white tablecloth), fabulous service, rather romantic, great wines. Pricey.

        Sage -- small, creative, amazing pastas and risotti. Often fully booked.

        Terramia -- ranges from offbeat to traditional, wonderful seafood dishes (try the lobster "doughnuts" as I call them, I think they're listed as "fritters"), and a simply perfect pasta pomodoro.

        Antico Forno -- Terramia's cheaper kid sister, more casual ambience, super wood-fired pizzas.

        Lucca -- great noisy vibe, straightforward menu but better executed than most North Enders; terrific seafood and grilled meats. Fun bar frequented by food-service types late evenings after other nearby restaurants close.

        1. Sage is my favorite so far for well wrought, fancy labor-intensive cooking; haven't had anything better than their scallop tartare with black truffles in the North End. In this vein, Prezza's second in my mind. As for looks and feels, Sage is more intimate and homey, Prezza's more modern and expansive.

          On the more traditional side, I'm fond of Limoncello and Piccolo Nido. Straightforward stuff, but excellent execution. of the two, I give Limoncello a slight edge. I also adore the squid ink pasta aglio olio at the Daily Catch that was recommended by Big Dog.

          Carmen mixes tradition and with touches of Californian innovation. I love eating at the bar -- plenty of small, cicchetti-like plates to munch on with wine. Fabulous crespelle bolognese.

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          1. re: Limster
            David "Zeb" Cook

            Took some out-of-state friends (way out of state!) to Piccolo Nido over the holidays and everyone agreed it was a wonderful time. The staff was very friendly and accomodating of special vegetarian requests. Everything was good although the considered winners of the night were the wild mushroom ravioli in thyme cream sauce and the seafood risotto. I'm glad I'd seen the mention on the board before!

            David Cook

          2. I used to love Joe Tecce's, but that was a good 10 years ago. Is it still open and has anyone been to give an update about if it is still good.

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            1. re: Roxxy
              Corrina Cantalupo

              Joe Tecce's is still open. I used to highly recommend it, but the last time I was there (approx. 6 months' ago), I was disappointed. The food was not up to par.

              1. re: Roxxy

                We had dinner with my son and his BC roomates/parents Saturday. They were in town and we decided to go to Joe Tecce's. It was a great evening and the food was terrific. The service was fabulous: thanks Georgette! It was very well priced at 500 for 11 adults with wine included. Plus, the decor is really funky and fun.

                1. re: donnahobrien

                  I recognize that we now are resurrecting a six-year-old thread, but I did want to point out that on my last visit to Joe Tecce, which easily was 10+ years ago, it was flat out bad.

                  1. re: Blumie

                    Sounds like you should try it again for the first time.